How to Care for an American Toad

Across North America, it is not hard to find the American toad because of their huge numbers all around the region. The great thing about American toads is the fact that they are very easy to care for and are great when it comes to being pets.

If you are considering keep one or more American toads, taking care of them is not difficult if you follow these simple instructions.

Things Required:

– Aquarium
– Mesh Lid
– Reptile Bark
– Water Dish
– Live Insects
– Log


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    The aquarium that you plan on using for your American toad should be at least 10 gallons in size or larger. Use the mesh to cover that aquarium because it will not only act as a protection from the sun and heat, but will also allow adequate ventilation for the survival of the toads living inside.

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    Reptile Bark

    In order to make the inside of the aquarium look more like the toad’s natural environment, it is a good idea to fill the habitat with a suitable substrate. In this case, that will be the reptile bark that can be bought from any pet store. This will create plants and soil for the toad to live comfortably.

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    Distilled Water

    There should be a large dish instead of the aquarium to give your toad enough water to not only drink but to also bathe in. It is important because this allows them to keep the moisture on their skin and body temperature at a normal level to stay active and healthy.

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    These toads love insects, earthworms, spiders, crickets, flies, beetles and ants. Supplying these insects by placing them inside of the habitat will give your toad a reason to enjoy himself and actually want to live there.

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    The temperature of the artificial habitat that you have created for your toad should be no less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than 80 degrees F. Another positive factor is that these toads, unlike others, do not need supplementary heat lamps. The reason for that is because toads are likely to get very hot quickly and need to be cool by staying away from the heat.

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