Why Pets Make Great Friends

Pets are very gentle with children. The number one reason why parents buy pets for children is because they make great friends. If a dog isn’t your best friend, perhaps one should be. Depending on what pet you get for your child may cost less or more. You need to research on pets before buying one. As we all know pets are like children they need love and care. They are also a lot of responsibility.

I love my pet dog for my baby girl who is 3 years old. The pup was bought a year ago for here and they love each other. They are very good together and the pup listens very well. It is hard to train pets to potty or where not to go in the house. I suggest buying some books or researching online about your new pet when you buy one. Having an animal to hold, cuddle and caress has positive effects on people.

You can buy pets from a breeder, pet store, or adopt one from your local animal shelter. Be careful with a new pet around your child or infant. Pest do not feel the same way as we do. We want to love and nurture this pet but it thinks of us humans as predators. Until it gets to know us it will be scared of us. A child may be accidentally scratched or even dropped when a friendly dog jumps up on you to investigate. When you are ready to introduce the dog and baby, have an adult hold the pet on a short leash. This will show you the reaction of the both the child and pet. They will both eventually love each other. If you see this pet after a few weeks is scared or acting strange than call your vet.

My pet puppy is the best thing that happen to my daughter. They both play and watch tv together and sleep together. In the beginning my daughter slept with the pup and then when she was sleeping I would go in and take the pup out of her crib. This pup is the most cuddliest pup ever. Always ready to snuggle up with you when possible and even as I write, she is curled up at my feet. Pets benefit people in many ways, but they can also be costly and time-consuming.

Haing a pet takes a lot of time of course like our own children do. Good nutrition, holistic treatment of illness, regular grooming, and scrupulous cleaning of your pets’ “living” and sleeping areas are the keys to a happy and healthy animal companion.

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