How to Get Over an Insect Bite

Insect bites can cause infections and should be treated in time before they cause illness. Many physicians claim that the affected areas should be treated immediately otherwise the treatment may take a longer period. It is always good to consult a physician when you are bitten by an insect. However, if due to some reasons you cannot do that, the treatment can be done at home. You can use Aloe Vera, fruits or vegetables or baking powder to heal the affected area. Do not use creams or medicines without asking your doctor.


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    Be patient

    An insect bite may be very painful but the most important thing is that you should not panic. You have to remain patient so that the treatment can be done easily. Panicking is this type of a situation can result in loss in time which will give time for the infection to develop.

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    Aloe Vera

    If there is an Aloe Vera plant in your house, rub the gel on the bite area. This will relieve the pain and itching for a considerable period of time and will heal the area also. You can also use leaves from the plant and crush them so that they are applied on the bite area.

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    Fruits or vegetables

    Certain fruits and vegetables can be used to relieve the itching on the bite area. You can apply lemon juice to the area as citric acid has properties that can heal the pain. The second thing you can use is the banana skin peel on the bite area. Gently rub the skin peel on the area and leave the bite area for a while.

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    Baking soda

    You can mix a small amount of baking soda with warm water and apply the mixture to the affected area. This will relieve the pain and itching on the bite and will certainly make things better. Leave the mixture on the area for two or three minutes and then wash it with warm water.

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    Use hot towel

    Dip a clean towel in boiling water and apply it to the affected area for some time. You will see that the itching and pain will go away on a matter of minutes.

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