Top 10 Most Hunted Animals

Animals all over the world get hunted for various reasons, which has resulted in the extinction of some species. In addition, there are quite a few animal species which have been listed as ‘endangered’ by the World Wild Life organisation.

Therefore, hunting such animals has been banned all over the world, and people need to be aware of the fact that the survival of these creatures is important in order to maintain an ecological balance. The most hunted animals across the globe are usually the victims of poachers.


  • 1

    Black footed ferret

    Mostly found in North America, black footed ferrets are small sized creatures, and are near extinction mainly because of loss of habitat.

  • 2


    Numbats are mostly found in Western Australia and are also recognised by the name of banded anteaters. Their population has decreased over the years because they are being hunted down, so the wildlife authorities need to ensure that they are out of danger.

  • 3

    Mountain gorillas

    The mountain gorillas are another species of animals that are growing scarce because of poaching. They are found in Virunga Volcanic region, Uganda and Rwanda. A total of 700 mountain gorillas are left in the world today and that figure is coming down with the passage of time.

  • 4

    Jackass penguins

    The jackass penguins get their name because of the donkey-like sound they make. They are widely hunted for their eggs and their number has declined dramatically over the last century.

  • 5

    Lion-tailed macaque

    The lion-tailed macaque is considered one of the oldest of monkeys. It is mainly hunted for its flesh and fur, and there are about 400 of these species left in Kerala Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

  • 6

    Mandarin duck

    The Mandarin duck is not ranked amongst the endangered species, but its population has suffered a decline in Asia because of hunting and poaching.

  • 7

    White-tailed fish eagle

    Known as the sea eagle, the white-tailed fish eagle is considered a threat to livestock by many people. Therefore, this beautiful bird has been hunted down for years.

  • 8

    Loggerhead turtles

    Loggerhead turtles are found in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Black Sea. Although hunting them is strictly banned, people kill them for their meat and eggs.

  • 9

    Siberian tigers

    Hunters kill Siberian tigers because of their beautiful fur, but if the trend continues, their species will become extinct pretty soon. There are only 200 Siberian tigers remaining in the world.

  • 10

    Greater horseshoe bats

    Greater horseshoe bats are a victim of poaching, and the wildlife authorities are working on protecting them from hunters. They are mainly found in Britain, South Africa, Korea, Australia, China and Japan.

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