How to Dispose of a Dead Tropical Fish

There are times when the fish in the tank at your home or office die. You need to take immediate action so that the other fish in the tank are not affected. Dead fish may contaminate the tank so immediately wear a pair of gloves and use the fish net to remove the fish from the aquarium. The best way to dispose the fish from the tank is to flush it away. If the fish is relatively larger in size, put it in a sealed plastic bag and trash it.

Things Required:

– Fish net
– Small plastic bag
– Rubber gloves


  • 1

    Make arrangements

    You need to prepare in advance for the task. As the fish is dead, it may carry a disease so you have to be very careful. Wear rubber gloves for removing the fish as the dead fish may cause infections on your hand. You also need to have a fish net so that you can easily remove the fish from the water. Sometimes they may be in an area that is difficult to reach with your hand, so always carry a fish net. Also, keep a small plastic bag with you so that the fish can be put in it immediately when you remove it from the tank.

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    Remove the fish from the tank

    After you have put on the gloves and have the fish net with you, slowly immerse the fish net in the water to reach for the dead fish. Once you have the fish in the net, remove it from the tank and immediately place the fish in the small plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is sealable so that you close the seal at the end.

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    Dispose the fish

    Determine whether the fish can be flushed away or not. If it is smaller in size, flush it as it is the easiest way. Otherwise, throw the plastic bag in trash but make sure it is sealed so that it does not contaminate the place where it is put in.

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