Researching Animal Hospitals in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a great selection of Animal hospitals. Choosing an animal hospital should be a thorough process that results in the selection of an animal hospital that makes both you and your pet feel confident in their abilities to assist you. Researching past records, understanding fees and procedures, and actually visiting the animal hospital are all great ways to help you decide which animal hospital will work for you. It is always a great idea to plan ahead and choose an animal hospital before you need one. There will be no time to ask for credentials or look up their history if you are standing there with a pet in medical crises. So, choose a few animal hospitals that sound interesting and get ready to go interview them!

One of the most important questions you can ask about an animal hospital can be answered without ever actually visiting their location. This is the all important question of is this particular animal hospital currently being sued for malpractice? You can check online with your state’s Veterinary Medical Board’s website under the keyword “enforcement.” This is just a starting point for you though. If a particular animal hospital had a malpractice suit that was settled out of court, they will not be listed on this site. For a more detailed search use an Internet search engine and type in the keywords “veterinary malpractice” and your state, city, or zip code. This can give you a good idea if there have been any healthcare issues at a specific animal hospital in the Chicago area.

Always ask what the current fees are for procedure you know your pet will be needing. For example, if you have just adopted a baby kitten, ask for a listing of what shots your kitten will need and how much they will cost. If you are on a budget it may be important to find lower cost facilities. State regulations require all procedures to be standard, but the surroundings will vary greatly with the costs! If you are on a budget try calling the local Humane Society or a local animal shelter. They offer great rates on standard procedures such as neutering and shots that all animals needs. Sometime you can find a day when they offer free vaccinations or free neutering gif you are willing to bring you pet in and wait in line.

Next, ask if you can take a tour of the entire animal hospital. Look for cleanliness, organization, and the overall state of the facilities. Does equipment look clean and well-taken care? This is an important time to view the pet boarding areas. How close are the animals? Are the cats separate for the dogs? How does the place smell?

Here are a few local animal hospitals in the Chicago area. Call ahead if you want to make an appointment to have a tour of the facilities. Keep in mind they are a hospital and can get busy. Try to flexible with your scheduling.

VCA Lake Shore Animal Hospital is located at 960 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60622. They can be reached at (312) 738-3322.

Near North Animal Hospital Limited is located at 1207 North Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60610. They can be reached at (312) 944-5350.

Delta Animal Hospital is located at 2105 West Chicago Avenue, 60622. They can be reached at (773) 278-6019.

Compassionate Veterinary Care is located at 620 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60614. They can be reached at (773) 327-5024.

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