How to Give a Rat a Massage

Owning pets is something that is rather important for every single person on earth, since they need to have a companion in their lives, who isn’t a part of their immediate family.

Now on a normal basis, people tend to get, a cat, a dog or some fish as pets. However, if you are a little special, you might have opted to go out and get yourself a rat.

It is not very clear what people like in rats, apart from the fact that perhaps they can associate with them. Nonetheless, rats can be fun pets, as long as you keep them calm and relaxed. The best way for you to do this, is by opting to give your rat a massage. Now this might seem odd, but in fact it actually isn’t. Giving a rat a massage is a very natural thing that lots of people do from time to time.


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    The first thing that you want to do is to go to a pet store and get yourself a pet rat. You might be tempted into just picking up a stray rat off the gutter area in your house, but don't do that. Since that rat would be uncultured and uncivilized, making it resistible to your massaging ways.

    This is why you should always opt to buy a properly breed rat, which can only be found in a professional rat selling pet store.

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    Once you buy the rat bring it home and show it to its room/cage. This is an important step since the rat needs to accept its new residency. If it doesn't it might opt to run away out of rebellion and once it is gone, you can't do anything about it.

    Just make sure you have all of the rats favourite things in the room and then hope for it to like you.

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    After this is done, and the rat gets comfortable, let it get a little sleepy. Once it is a little sleepy, go ahead and place it on a make shift massage table, which should be sized according to the rats dimensions.

    Now once the rat is on this table, go ahead and start massaging it. Be a little gentle on the rat and focus all your effort on the middle of its back. Work your way up to its head, and then down its back. If you are in the mood to show the rat some extra love and care, you can also massage each paw individually.

    However, don't get too close to its face since it might bite you. If the rat gets too excited or too jumpy, give it some chloroform and finish off the massage.

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