Photo Gifts for Dad

Picking out the perfect gift your father can be quite difficult. Rather than buy him a tie or a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee cup consider giving him the gift of a photo. Photo gifts can be a great way to add a personal touch to the gift you give your father, and guarantees that you’ll be giving him something he likes. Here area few father gift ideas involving photos:

Photo T-Shirt

Why give your dada the “World Greatest Dad” mug when you can make the “Worlds Greatest Dad” T-shirt? Many places online as well as large retailers like Target and Wal-Mart will allow you design your own photo-t-shirt, apron, or hat with a picture of you and your and a message. Photo clothing is great because it gives your father bragging rights when ever he decides to go out sporting his new photo item. Most clothing items are fairly reasonably priced as well. If you’re on a budget, or can’t find a retailer near you who will print a T-shirt you can create your own by purchasing iron on printer paper from your local office supply or electronics retailer. You simply print a picture out onto the transfer just like you would on a regular piece of paper. With the iron on transfers you will have to be a lot more careful with how you wash the shirt. Iron on transfers tend to bubble up and peel over when they are machine washed so giving one of these may be a little more hassle for your dad than its worth depending on his laundry habits.

Photo Coffee Mug

If photo clothing isn’t for your father then try a photo coffee mug. There are retailers who will print a picture of your choosing onto a ceramic mug. You can also purchase “Create Your Own” mugs from retailers online as well as larger retailers like Starbucks and Kinko’s. With a “Create Your Own” mug you remove an insert from a travel mug and put in pictures of your choosing. You then put the insert back into the cup and you’re done. This can be a fun craft activity for younger children. You can also create several different insets allowing dad to have different cup design options.


Scrapbooks can be a wonderful gift for your father. Gather pictures of you and your and throughout your life. A great look back scrapbook can be something that your father will cherish forever. Look for pictures of you and dad when you were a baby through today. For a special touch adhere the pictures to a black piece of paper and write comments in silver or gold beside special photographs.

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