Save Your Feet from Uncomfortable Shoes

So, you just got that new pair of shoes you been dying to own, but there’s just one tiny little problem with them; by time you make it out to the car your foot is already starting to cramp up. By end of the day you have to sit with your shoes hidden under the desk. Do you have an old pair of shoes that has gotten too stiff or kill your foot with pressure points? Or are you just not sure if you should wear heels or flats? Here are a few practical tips that will help you save your feet and your money.

Flats verses Heels: While this one might seem obvious, it’s important to know the right shoes for the right situation. If you are going to be on your feet for long periods of time, or if a particular outing is going to include a lot of walking, then you might want to think about leaving the heels at home and digging out the flats.

Leather Shoes too stiff? Despite popular belief, adding skin moisturizers or waxes to dry and cracked leather will not restore the material. Water evaporating from the leather causes it to dry out, not oils. Try spraying plain water on the affected area. If the leather is extremely thin, dampen it and throw it in the dryer on a low setting for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Pressure points: A shoe that puts too much pressure on any one part of the foot can seem like a chore to put on every day; a set of insoles can make it easier. Payless shoe offers an inexpensive line of insoles from the 3 to 6 dollar range. A slightly more expensive option would be Dr. Scholl’s custom fit orthotics, which can be had for around 40 dollars.

How a shoe feels is largely a matter of personal taste, and some options may not be practical for certain types of shoes. Always make sure you know what material the shoe is made out of before you use any technique to make it more comfortable.

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