How-To Guide to Maximize Your Black Friday Shopping

Planning on a shopping excursion before the turkey settles? Then this will be your go to Black Friday guide for maximizing your shopping success, and minimizing the pain you experience. This guide will give you advice on mapping out your shopping trips.


The first piece of advice I have is to map out what stores you want to visit, starting with the most important ones. With Walmart and Target starting their sales at 6 p.m. this year, you have to plan earlier than ever. Stores usually have a map that they hand out indicating where each item will be sold, so make sure to pick those up to know where to stand in line

Get There Early

A couple of years ago I waited at Walmart for a laptop. The 45 available tickets sold out within minutes of the tickets being handed out, so if you are in the market for a big ticket item, like a game console, TV, or a laptop make sure to know what time it goes on sale, and get there possibly an hour early and linger in the designated area so you don’t miss the start time.

Bring Your Cell Phone and Ads

Mobile ads are becoming more and more common, and are easier to bring with you then a bunch of newspapers and fliers. Paper ads have a place though, and they help clear up any possible confusion you may have with the cashier about the model, product name, or price.

Dress Warm

It could be very cold and you might be waiting outside so dress warm and leave your children to keep everyone happy. Keep in mind that you will be spending hours in line so bring something to keep yourself and any other members of your party entertained. If possible, go in a group with a big vehicle so you will have no problem storing all of your goodies.

Go Cyber

If you don’t end up getting all, or any, of the products that you want on Thursday or Friday, there is always Cyber Monday to get more shopping done and possibly come across even better deals.

With these strategies, plus some patience and good cheer you a have a lot of fun and get some goodies for yourself and your loved ones. Happy Shopping!

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