Get the Best Deal Out of Dell for the Computer You Want

Recently my laptop decided to catch fire due to overuse at the power socket, and I needed a new laptop. And anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t like to settle when it comes to my electronics and the will also tell you I am very thrifty too. I went on the search for my ideal laptop and after about a couple of hours of looking at the major manufacturers websites I found the best bang for the buck came from Dell.

Some people cringe when they hear the name Dell, and I can’t blame them, but if you actually look at the big picture of Dell the problems stem from their printers and cheap computers. I honestly don’t know how people can expect to pay $299 for a computer and get a super computer. To even further ease my mind I decided to go with the 3 year warranty plus accidental destruction protection. Granted my laptop with a new Core 2 Duo processor will not be cheap, my first build with Dell online turned out $1958.

Building what you want online is only the first step. After I built one online I called Dell to see what the customer service rep can do for me. The nice lady on the other end got me something similar for $1630. I thanked her for her time got the information I would need for when I call back and hung up. Doing this got my name and build in the system and they would have an idea of what I was looking for when I called back. I was sure I was not going to buy today because I was still not satisfied with the price.

I had a feeling that a new promotion was about to start. Sure enough they had a new promotion began that made the upgrades on the laptop cheaper to add. This brought the price down another $200. After I had the new promotion going for me I searched for Dell coupons. With the new promotion going came new coupons too, and I found the new coupon that gives 20% off a laptop over $999 (no problem there). It is not hard to find them at all. My favorite site to go to for deals is: I also researched the company I work for to see if they offer an employee purchase program through dell. My company did offer an extra discount.

After doing my discount research my next step was to call Dell back. I gave the representative on the line my name and other information and she saw the laptop I configured the other day. She quoted the price back to me and I told her I was able to configure a laptop that is faster for cheaper online. (I did not mention yet about my employee or coupon discount) She kindly asked my to read off what I had put together and the price it came up with. After I read her my configuration she asked me what kind of warranty I wanted. I told her I want the accidental protection but the computer is just not in my budget yet.

She asked me to hold and was able to get the price to $1250 before the warranty. That is another $150 off the beginning total. Now is the time to help her out by informing her about my employee purchase program and then my coupon code. After those discounts the price came down to about $1000. I was satisfied with that price and told her to add the warranty and accidental destruction protection. After the warranty was added and still discounted from the discounts the total was $1150.

I guess you can say the moral of the story is to do your homework before you buy a large investment. I have given you the steps on how to do your homework; it is just up to you on how well prepared you are. Remember to always be curtious and patitent with the representative on the other line, and the Rep will be more willing to help. My overall experience with Dell was an outstanding one. The girl on the other end was able to answer all my technical questions. I can not guarantee you too can get about $800 knocked off your computer, but you WILL get some kind of mark off and maybe more than I did. I wish you the best of luck and happy hunting.

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