Buying Fall Purses

If you want to update your look for this fall, you don’t need to buy a whole wardrobe. A simple updated look can be achieved by purchasing a new purse. It’s a great way to change your image without spending huge sums of money on new shoes, skirts, jackets, and hats. The important thing to remember when buying a purse is to go with a classic style, in order to keep current for a long amount of time. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve this, but many of the designer labels do carry hefty price tags at your local department store. A goal that you should set is to find a great fall bag at a bargain price. Many designer bags can be found discounted. The best place to find these purses are either on-line or at factory outlets. Coach, Michael Kors, and Dooney and Burke, all have outlets sprinkled throughout the country as well as handbags available on Bluefly ( and Smart Bargains (

Before you begin shopping for a purse, you should decide on a budget. There is a big difference between the handbags that you can purchase for $20.00 and the ones that are well over a $100.00. For example, this season’s hottest purses are top handled, satin leather-strapped, suede-trimmed bags with an upwards price tag of $300.00.

Just because you can’t spend a lot, does not mean that you will not be able to shop for a great fall purse. There are benefits to not dropping a ton of cash, just to own a new handbag. If you do not spend a large amount of money, you will feel less guilty about stuffing purses into the back of the closet when you grow sick of the style. The bag may have looked like a classic style that you would love for a long time in the store, but you soon grew tired of it once you made the purchase.

If you do decide not to splurge for a designer purse and you buy from shops like Wal-Mart or Claire’s, you can rest assure knowing the purses can take a good beating because they are cheaper and sturdier. You can load more in them without worrying about damaging it and you can feel safe tossing them around a bit more. The newest Prada metallic purses this fall are not handbags that you would want to treat with such indelicacy.

Another way to save money when buying a new purse is to go fake. It might be slightly illicit, but you can find designer knock offs all over the place. Street vendors and flea markets have plenty of these purses available. They may not be the most durable of bags, but they usually look good and many people can not tell the difference between a real Coach bag and a designer knock off. If this is not your thing, another tip to saving money is to purchase fall bags that were popular last season.

For example, long-handled, brown and plain leather was the trendiest kind of bag to have last year, so many of those handbags will be on sale come this year. Another option for saving money is to shop for the middle of the range fall-purses – Chanel is offering classic flap purses with gold hardware from $80, while Gucci’s fall range is slightly more colorful and pricy.

Another alternative for buying fall purses is to stray from the beaten track and try an altogether new look. LuLu Guinness is an up and coming fashion designer, selling back and white, fishnet or butterfly net purses this fall. While there’s a fashion risk, however, there’s an opportunity for a great bargain – you never know when they might be on the front-cover of tomorrow’s high fashion magazines.

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