Wearing High Heels

High heels are one of the essential accessories of a woman. This article will show you the pros and cons of wearing heels. Here we go;


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    This is one of the obvious reasons why anyone would wear high heels. This is especially embraced by women of average height, or below average to help them look tall, which makes one appear very graceful and elegant. It makes one stand tall. This portrays confidence.

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    High heels attract attention. Are you looking for compliments to brighten up your day? Wearing flats shoes or sandals versus one wearing a high heeled shoe of any range is sure to get attention from onlookers and that for anyone can boost their confidence and sex appeal. To experiment; work with a flat sandal and look round you, then quickly switch up to high heels and see the reaction around you.

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    High heels were made for confidence. Everything about that kind of shoe was designed for a woman to feel powerful, regardless of the difference of height. Most female executives confess that they wear high heels in meetings to boost their confidence levels. Whether you are giving a presentation or a speech, it shows a sense of power, a very assertive attitude. The way men respond to women in heels is very distinct. The difference is the confidence from the power of heels.

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    Another benefit from wearing high heels is that they can significantly improve posture to make a woman stand out, looking attractive. It changes a woman’s posture, which portrays a longer and leaner pair of legs. This also makes a woman’s legs appear toned. This further accentuates the curve of the buttocks, giving a fuller figure.

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    Since walking on high heels causes to walk tall and hold up the body in an elongated fashion, which also works up the core of the stomach. So from the waist, stomach region all the way to the legs, the high heels is helping a woman’s body appear and look good. Overall it improves how a woman carries herself when she stands, walk. A major plus!

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    Slender Frame

    Who would not want to look slim? Not necessarily model status, but curvy, slim and attractive in all the right places and wearing high heels help to achieve that. This can happen with any outfit especially black which is also known for its slimming effect when worn. Be it a dress or pants, or jeans, high heels can do wonders. This reason is because the taller you are, the slimmer you look. And high heel helps achieve this purpose.

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    Difficulty In Walking

    High heels can be pain when you do not know how to walk in them, they can be painful to your knees and feet. Walking with your knee bent is a sign you can’t walk with heels and you might not be able to walk with it for a long time as they can affect you, leading to swelling of the feet, pain in some worse cases arthritis. It is best to meet someone who is good in walking in high heels or go for a walking class. A technique to this is by standing upright, and walk like you are pulled by a string from your chest. This would cause you to walk and stand tall, and your legs will appear straight, like a cat walk, but a milder version.

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    Foot Pain

    High heels are not meant to be worn for long periods of time as this can cause pain. A technique for this is to wear your heels to wherever you are going and when returning have a flat sandals or pair of slippers you can wear. Even for the office, as soon as you get in, remove them and place your feet underneath your desk until you want to go out or go home. They are meant to be worn for short periods, they also have to be the right size as women can buy a size less of the size they wear because it is the last pair available. Doing this to your feet would only cause more damage, as a tight shoe and a high heel is you putting yourself in a ditch of pain.

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    Back Pain

    Standing in high heels for prolonged periods can cause back pain since the whole weight is resting on the foot which is resting on a tiny stick, the result is an awkward back pain, as the shoe can’t carry the weight for extended periods. The way you will be standing and your back will look awkward because you would want to relax and can’t plus the pain it sends to your back. This can be treated with exercise and yoga, as there are methods to help strengthen the back and ease pain. Do not stand too long on a high heel.

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    Leg Sprain

    Most leg sprain incidents in women are caused due to high heels. This may happen especially if one is not used to wearing high heels. Some of these injuries may result in serious leg and foot injuries in the future. For this to be avoided, it is advisable to go for walking in heels classes before trying out your first pair, and if one can’t afford it, they should simply walk slowly and avoid bumpy areas. Wearing heels is best suited for smooth surfaces, where the placing of your foot is precise and strong. Try not to walk in it for long periods. The path to being elegant and graceful and overall beautiful is not easy.

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    High heels can be worn for both young and mature women. Practice before venturing and always have a spare of flat-heels in your bag. It would be your own doing to walk for lengths without a spare, because you can’t carry a bag as it won’t match your outfits. Celebrities are the only ones that do that and that’s because their stylist are just around the corner for a spare slipper to slip on after the lights go out.

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