Save on Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a clean home takes hard work. And the job can be even tougher if you don’t have adequate cleaning supplies. However, buying these household products can be costly to any budget. Since it is necessary to combat germs and to keep the home disinfected, you cannot avoid purchasing cleaning agents. But the good news is that it is not necessary to pay top dollar for good cleaning supplies. Many generic items contain the same ingredients as expensive name brand supplies and they do the same job for less money.

The key to finding good generic products is to experiment. Start by purchasing cleaning supplies from a dollar store. Test them in your home and see how effective they are. In many cases, these products work great. If you purchase one that is unsatisfactory to you then just chalk it up as knowing not to purchase that product again. If you’re unable to meet all of your cleaning needs at a dollar store then move up to a Dollar General or a Family Dollar and try their cleaning supplies. The prices tend to be $0.50 to $1.50 more. But this is still considerably less than name brand cleaners. Between those two economical stores you should find all the products that you need.

Also, it’s important to note that you don’t need a different cleaning supply for each task. There is no need to have one cleaner for the kitchen counter, one for the kitchen sink, another for the bathtub, and yet another for the bathroom toilet. Just find one all-purpose cleaner to take care of pretty much everything. You also need a stronger disinfectant to clean toilets and wipe up areas prone to have a lot of germs. Add a good glass cleaner and in most cases your supply list will be complete.

And, only use the recommended amount of the cleaner. Many products are concentrated and only a small amount is needed. The manufacturer has tested the item to see how much is needed to achieve optimal performance. Using extra won’t speed up the process or make cleaning process. Depending on the product, too much may cause stickiness or residue and cause you to have to clean longer. So check the directions on the label. Only using the correct amount will cause your supplies to last longer.

So, look beyond the brand name of the product and go for quality instead. Generic cleaning products are worth trying. Many store brands are actually name brand items with a different label. Trying out different supplies will mean savings in the long run.

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