How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

A new designer bag puts a huge smile on your face, however knowing it’s a fake will just put you off. If you are out there searching for a quality bag, this article will help you. You should first know how to differentiate a fake and a real designer bag. Knowing the differences can help you purchase a quality designer bag.

Your main focus should be on the bags logo, charms, attachments, etc., and on the original design down to the exact positioning and number of such features. Tags, signatures or marks stating the designer’s name form an integral part of the bags overall design and originality.



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    Profile the store you are purchasing from

    The best place to buy a designer bag is to go to a renowned store for a designer bag. Suitable stores include stores that carry the same name as the brand you seek. The staff should be smart when questioned about quality and guarantees concerning the bag. Ask trusted fashionistas you know where they purchase there designer bags from. They will definitely know the good stores.


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    Be realistic about the price

    Prices of designer bags are often very expensive, because they are well crafted and are a status symbol. If the price is cheap then you need to re-check the bag because it might be fake, and you should double check the quality.

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    Ask the seller 

    Judge from their reaction yourself to know the truth. Sellers that avoid answering questions or kind of feel offended when you ask too many questions are most likely hiding something. Ask if you can return the bag if it’s faulty or fake. You don’t expect a fake bag seller agree to those terms. Ask if there is any certificate to show the originality of the bag.

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    Know the signs of a fake and real bag

    There are many signs of a fake bag! You can see many wrong signs to point out a fake bag. One major sign to watch out for is the quality and consistency of the stitching which will be perfect in original bags but fakes are very likely to have inconsistent stitching.

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