25 Business Niches for Lovers of Beads, Buttons, Baubles, & Found Objects

25 Business Niches for Lovers of Beads, Buttons, Baubles, & Found Objects

Would you like to start a business based on your love of beading, buttons, and found objects? Here are niche ideas for 25 unique businesses to get you started!

Bead Mosaics
Create and sell original mosaic pictures made from beads, buttons, broken jewelry, or small found objects. Subject matter can be abstract designs or realistic looking objects, landscapes etc.

Button Mosaics
Cover decorative or utilitarian objects with bead, button, bauble, or found object mosaics. For instance, figurines, hand mirrors, drawer handles, or wall sconces.

Beaded Garlands
String beads, buttons, broken jewelry, and other small glittery found objects to make Christmas tree garlands. You could make other holiday decorations to offer also, like ornaments or tree top stars.

Found Object Mobiles
Create mobiles from strings of sturdy found objects such as game or construction toy pieces, corks, large buttons, and beads. Or make room divider screens from strings of the small found objects.

Children’s Mosaics
Put together simple mosaic supply kits for children featuring larger found objects of all kinds. Include a simple book or picture to be covered with non-toxic glue and instructions if you wish.

Mosaic Supply Kits
Create sophisticated mosaic kits for adults. You can offer a variety of types of mosaic pieces, background artwork etc.

Found Objects Packages
Offer found object collection packages for artwork of all kinds. You can vary these by focusing on one color, material, or shape of objects etc.

Button Divination Sets
Make unique divination sets from unusual antique buttons. Create possible meanings for individual pieces and the layouts you devise, and include a simple instruction booklet.

Found Object Divination Sets
Offer unusual divination sets from one-of-a-kind collections of found objects. Price accordingly.

Found Object Divination Readings
Offer divination readings using your own uniquely collected set of small found objects or one type of button, bead, baubles etc.

Vintage Buttons
Deal in buttons. Sell new, used, or antique buttons of all kinds. Or specialize in one age, material, size, color etc.

Vintage Beaded Jewelry
Deal in “found” beads; selling necklaces and other vintage beaded jewelry from the past.

Beaded Evening Bags
Create modern beaded evening bags, patterned after antique designs. You might also offer authentic and vintage beaded purses.

Collage Pins
Make collage pins, combining pieces of broken jewelry, buckles, or other found items into new designs. Offer collaged jewelry boxes along with the pins.

Button Books
Write original small booklets on the history, collecting, or selling of buttons. You might offer these with another button related item.

Bead Books
Write small booklets on the history, collection, and sale of beads.

Jewelry Books
Write small booklets on some topic related to vintage or contemporary jewelry.

Found Object Books
Write small booklets on the history, variety, and use of game pieces or any other type of found object.

Used Books on Beads and Buttons
Sell used books on buttons, beads, baubles, and found objects. Offer a book finding service in addition to your books for sale.

Bead and Button Collector Books
Sell new reference books and collector price guides on one or all types of buttons, beads, baubles, jewelry, or found objects.

Bead and Button Shows
Run button, bead, bauble, and found object shows in your area, charging space fees to dealers and admittance fees to attendees.

Bead and Button Show Service
Offer a service helping button, bead, or jewelry dealers at shows. Set your wages by the day or for a percentage of merchandise sold.

Button Craft Classes
Offer button craft classes for adults or children. Possible class projects include embellished clothing or handbags, button jewelry, button mosaics, pictures, or decorated objects.

Beading Classes
Offer beading classes for children. These can be beginning instruction with simple projects and large bead for young beaders. Or offer instruction in beading trendy jewelry for teens etc.

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