Spa Pedicure at Home

Do you neglect your feet? It’s time to soothe and smooth your feet while leaving them feeling and looking fabulous. With this “Spa Pedicure at Home”, your feet will be ready for sandals in no time! Allow approximately thirty minutes.

1. Remove any polish from your toenails with nail polish remover or acetone.

2. Fill a small tub or container with warm water and antibacterial soap. For quick at home pedicures, I use a container approximately 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. (You can find these for under $5.00 at your local variety store)

3. Place a cuticle remover on the toenails and soak your feet for 10 minutes.

4. Remove your feet from footbath and using a pusher or orangewood stick, scraping gently from the tip of the toenail to the bottom; remove the cuticle that is growing on the nail. Cuticle grows on the nail plate; you will see a small film of cuticle build up as you are lightly scraping it.

5. If you have nippers, gently remove the excess cuticle that did not come up with the implement.

6. Clean under the edge of the toenail using the end of the orangewood stick.

7. Clip toe nails to their desired length.

8. File to shape the toenails.

9. Taking a pumice stone or a foot file, using a back and forth motion, remove the callus from the bottom of your feet. Heavy callus may need a callus remover that can be purchased at the beauty supply store.

10. OPTIONAL: You may choose to use a foot scrub or mask at this point, but it is not necessary. Follow the directions of the chosen product.

11. Massaging lotion on your feet helps to moisturize them.

12. Apply cuticle oil and rub in to the area surrounding the nail.

13. Before polishing your toenails, use acetone to remove any oils from the nail that was left behind from the lotion. This will help to dehydrate the nail plate.

14. Apply a base coat to the nails. This acts as a “sticky tape” to help the polish adhere better.

15. Apply two coats of nail polish. Paint all ten toenails and then go back and layer on the second coat of polish.

16. Apply top coat. By using a top coat you are helping polish stay on longer, helping the polish dry and creating a glossy coat.

17. To maintain your perfect pedicure, apply a top coat every couple of days.

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