12 Fishing Gifts for Dad

Does dad spend a lot of his free time on the lake or pond fishing? Well before you start shopping for dad this Father’s Day consider buying him one or more of these gifts since he does love to fish:

1. A good fishfinder will help dad find fish. You can buy fishfinders that will tell dad if he’s in shallow or deep water, and even fish finders that will tell fish by size, water temperature and more. If dad’s an avid fisherman he’ll love this.

2. If you’re not an only child you can pitch in with your brothers and/or sisters and buy dad a boat. Who knows, maybe mom will pitch in too.

3. A tackle box with quite a few compartments will help dad keep his fishing hooks and accessories organized.

4. Consider buying dad a comfortable chair to sit in while he’s fishing. They make folding arm chairs that are lightweight and portable. Some of these chairs even come with a little footstool attached. Dad can fold these up and put them in the bag when he’s done. The bags also have a strap on them so dad can throw the strap around his shoulder for easy carrying. I love these chairs, and they do make comfortable chairs for fishing and camping. But what makes them even better is they have a cup holder on each arm for drinks.

5. A small, lightweight cooler for dad to keep bait and drinks in. Do make sure it’s lightweight in case dad may have to walk to certain fishing spots; sometimes you do have to walk to find the good fish.

6. A multi-tool knife is a really handy tool when fishing.

7. Maybe dad needs a new rod and reel.

8. A line stripper will help dad re-spool quickly.

9. Does dad catch a lot of fish? Buy him a small digital fish scale to weigh all those fish he’s catching.

10. If dad pulls in some keepers he’s going to need a fillet knife later. Consider buying dad an electric fillet knife for faster filleting.

11. When the day is over with dad might enjoy a nice rod rack to hang his rod and reels on at the end of the day, and the next time dad goes fishing he can just grab the rod and reels he wants without having to untangle them.

12. Make a gift basket for dad. Buy a cheap wicker basket and some cellophane. Next, buy small accessories to place in the basket. Some things you can put into dad’s gift basket are: hooks, bobbers, sinkers, a good fishing book or any kind of book, a fillet knife, digital scale, rubber worms or any other kind of fake bait that you know dad likes and a line stripper. Finally, after placing the accessories in the basket, wrap the basket with cellophane, and you can even buy a bow to place on top.

Those are just a few ideas for the dad who loves to fish. However, if your dad isn’t a fisherman I’ve written a few other articles with gift ideas for dads who love to golf, dads who love to camp and others. Just click on my name to view all my articles. Good luck with your shopping adventure!

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