Beaded Wedding Sandals

You have the dress, the date is set, all of the flowers are chosen, and you have both decided on the perfect locale. However, you need the perfect pair of shoes. High heels are not going to work, nor are a pair of flats because your selected location is on the beach. What you need is a pair of elegant looking sandals, but not a single pair that you have come across seems fancy enough, or fitting in some other way. What you need is the perfect, one of a kind pair of sandals that will not only be comfortable on the sand, but also look stunning with your dress. The answer is actually quite simple. Make your own pair of beaded wedding sandals!

The steps to make a pair of beaded wedding sandals are simple and straightforward, and supplies are readily available from just about any craft supply store. The big advantage is that when finished, you will have created a pair of sandals that will be a perfect match to the rest of your wedding ensemble.

Beaded wedding sandals are in effect a strap of beads that will run around your large toe, and up over the top of your foot, wrapping around your ankle. You could also have the anchoring strap go around another or even two or more toes, whatever are most comfortable for the person that is going to be wearing them.

To begin making your beaded wedding sandals, gather your supplies. You will need an assortment of beads that will match your dress to perfection. You can use tiny seed beads, larger pony-style seed bead, or go with a selection of pearls, crystals, or other assortment of beads that are larger. The main deciding factor being what will match your dress. Once you have chosen the beads, decide material to use to string them. If you have chosen a larger bead, anything from a jewelry quality beading thread, such as Accu-Flex could be used, or even a ribbon that also coordinates with your ensemble. If you do use a smaller type bead, such as a size 10 seed bead, you will have to use a beading thread. Choose a top quality thread such as Nymo brand nylon thread. The last thing you want to happen is to have your sandals come apart as you walk across the beach to meet your future husband.

Once you have chosen your beads, and have the stringing material also picked out, consider how you want the sandal to cover the foot. For an example, if you make a single loop around your large toe, you could have the loop split into five or more strands that will lie across the top of your foot, and then meet up into a single strand again, to secure itself around the ankle. The only rule to coming up with a design, is that you have to have the sandal anchor on one or more toes, and then on the ankle.

Another idea would be to have a loop of beads go around each toe, then meet to make a single strand of beads that would run up the foot, then split into five strands that would loop around the ankle.

Whichever design you ultimately arrive at, you will have created the perfect pair of beaded wedding sandals to say your ‘I Do’s” in!

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