The MAXIglide Hair Straightener Works Magic

The MAXIglide multi purpose hair straightener is my favorite and most used hair straightening iron. I first saw the MAXIglide on television and thought it looked to good to be true. After months of debating I actually cam across it in a Linens and Things in the As Seen on TV section. It works in a similar fashion to most hair straighteners. It basically heats up and allows you to work it through your hair to straighten it. What separates the MAXIglide from other hair straighteners is the burst of steam that helps to smooth and straighten even the curliest of hair. The MAXIglide comes with two different plates that straighten your hair. The first one is the typical completely smooth plate. It has small holes that allow the steam to travel through. The second plate has small teeth like a comb. They detangle hair and brush it as the same time. A small water well holds water to create the steam just like an iron.

I bought the MAXIglide because I have had extremely curly hair since I was a child. I have never had my haircut into any of the trendy hairstyles and it has looked the same for a couple of decades. In the commercials the MAXIglide was used on all types of curly hair. Tick, thin, tangled, and ethnic hair. I also bought the MAXIglide because I found it in a retail store near me. It seemed a lot more believable that it would work when I saw it on the shelf and could actually look at it. Plus I knew that if the MAXIglide did not work for me I could return it immediately and not lose a penny.

My favorite feature of the MAXIglide is the little blue light that lets you know that it is hot and ready to use. Many flat irons for your hair have no light and you just have to guess if it has been heating up long enough. Once the blue light has quit flashing, the iron is ready, and steam can be easily formed.

The only thing that I would change about the MAXIglide would be the size of the handle. I have slightly small hands and can only hold it in one way that allows me to maneuver the flat iron while pressing the steam button. This is a small complaint though that is easily forgotten when I look at the results it achieves every time. Since buying the MAXIglide I have had inches cut off my hair, added layers, and am always trying new styles and products perfect for shiny straight hair. Best of all I can just wash my hair and go back to my comfortable curly locks.

You can check out the MAXIglide and other hair straighteners and products at I have not used their hair straightening liquid products, but if they work half as well as the iron, then they are well worth the investment.

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