Ten Stylish Back-to-School Bags: Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Totes

TeenagersâÂ?¦looking for a hip bag to bring you back into the daily grind of school? ParentsâÂ?¦looking for a backpack for that hard to please adolescent? Here’s your solutionâÂ?¦Below are the hottest summer backpacks, totes, and messengers ranging from $19.99 to 39.99. All of them can even be purchased online to save you time and that ever valuable gas. So this summer instead of running around looking for that perfect backpack in the heat, sit back, enjoy a cold drink, and order that must have bag online.


1. Dickies Tombstone Backpack – Black/White Checkered : $19.99
Zip up compartments on both the front and top. Made of polyester with padded shoulder pads. Also available in navy and pink checkers. For girls and boys. (Available at Tilly’s locations and Tillys.com)

2. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack – Black/White : $23.99
A backpack sporting the same pattern as the Dickies one above, yet with a more roomy interior. For girls and boys. (Available at Tilly’s locations and Tillys.com)

3. Dickies Tombstone Corduroy Backpack – Brown : $27.99
Star pattern on brown corduroy. Typical top loading and front loading zipper compartments. For girls. (Available at Tilly’s locations and Tillys.com)

4. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack – Black/Star : $23.99
Full size backpack featuring a giant red star on the front pouch. Material polyester.

5. FSAS Black Back Pack : $39.99
Unique zipper detail. Full size backpack featuring the Famous Stars and Straps logos on the back and front. (Just the “F” on the back.) For girls and boys. (Available at www.famoussas.com)

Messenger Bags:

6. Dickies Messenger – Black/Red : $24.99
Black and red pinstripe pattern. Measures 14 long X 5 wide X 13 height. Sports two inside pockets and double right-side pockets. For both girls and boys. (Available at Tilly’s locations and Tillys.com)

7. Lilu Corduroy Messenger : $39.50
Deep brown cord messenger bag featuring a light tattooesque rose etches. Measures 14.5 long X 12 height X 4 wide. Features several pockets, one on the inside with a zipper closure, two front pockets with snapping closures, and two side pockets with snapping closures. This bag also features three cute and decorative buttons. For Girls. (Available at Pacific Sun wear locations or on the web at Pacsun.com)

8. Skull Mail Bag : $20.00
Black bag featuring a grey skull on the front corner. Measures nearly 12.5″ X 17″. Has an outer pouch and pen pockets, double clasp closures, and a skull print inside lining. For girls and boys. (Available at Hot Topic locations or Hottopic.com)


9. Dickies Heart Cord Tote : $25.99
Black tote bag with all-over pink heart print. Double outside pockets with Velcro fasteners. Inside zipping pocket. Also available in brown with blue hearts. For girls. Measures 15″ X 4″ X 11″. (Available at Tilly’s locations and Tillys.com)

10. Volcom College Ruled Tote : $36.50
A black and white striped bag created by Volcom. Features an outside pocket on each side for storage, as well as an inside and outside pocket. Includes two decorative buttons and a pink Volcom logo. Material: Nylon. (Available at Pacific Sun wear locations or on the web at Pacsun.com)

All information gathered from the websites or store locations of the retailers mentioned.

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