Tips on How to Use Makeup!

Many women today love to wear makeup and are constantly trying to figure out how to apply it properly. Applying makeup is actually an art form. When makeup is applied properly it can beautifully enhance a women’s appearance. When makeup is not applied properly you can end up looking like a clown. The cosmetic industry spends over a million dollars a year to try to entice women to buy their makeup. Before you start applying makeup, it makes sense to first take care of your natural appearance. Did you know that maintaining a balanced diet and getting enough rest can do more for your appearance, them makeup. Start by maintaining a regular skin care regime. Many people fail to take care of their skin and just cover it up with makeup. Makeup works best on well-cared for skin. Poorly cleaned skin will appear very dull and flaky.

You will first want to use a good facial cleaner and follow with a good moisturizer. After you have done this take a good look at your face and analyze the assets that you have. If you have a clear complexion and pretty even skin tones then you need very little or no makeup at all. If however, you have very oily skin or a few blemishes then you would probably want to wear makeup. Foundation creams and lotions can even out a blotchy complexion and blush can help to highlight your cheekbones. Sometimes if you are not sure what makeup to purchase then in store beauty consultants may be able to help? But beware since their job is to sell you products, take care that you don not purchase products you do not really need.

Makeup styles tend to vary depending on where you live. Here is a checklist of a few things you may want to consider:

1. Consider your skin type
2. Read all labels carefully
3. Use bright lighting. (The best would be by a window so you can see how it looks in natural light.)
4. Use makeup sparingly.
5. Use subtle shades.
6. Cleanse your face thoroughly after removing makeup.

These are just a few suggestions that you can use when applying makeup. Just remember try not to over due it. Try to make sure that your makeup fits with your attire and the occasion. If you are a young teenager and trying makeup for the first time you may want to stick with water-based, oil free makeup. Many teenagers tend to have oily skin. Do not just compare the prices but also compare the ingredients of low price bands and the very expensive brands. This is especially important if you tend to have allergic reactions to certain chemicals. Also remember that if makeup is overdone it will give you a very cheap looking appearance. This would be the opposite affect that you want. You may want to practice applying makeup a few times so that you can blend it just right.

The most important thing that you must remember is to remove all of your makeup at the end of your day. Most women remove their makeup as soon as they return home. Even models don’t wear makeup all of the time. If you go to sleep without cleaning all of the makeup off of your face the layer of dirt and dead skin cells will stick to your face and can cause damage to your complexion. I personally do not wear a lot of makeup and if I do it is only for special occasions. Remember you want to highlight your natural beauty not cover it up.

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