Bartley’s Discount Pharmacy, Inc. In Waverly, Ohio Provides Unique Christmas Gifts

Want to buy something a little special? Want to buy something unique? If you live in Waverly, Ohio, you don’t have to look any further than Bartley’s Discount Pharmacy, Inc. They are located at 302 East Emmitt Street, Waverly, Ohio. Their phone number is 740-947-2126.

Bartley’s Pharmacy is owned by Tom Bartley, who resides in Waverly. He also still works at the store and takes pride in the fact that he knows his customers. He is always striving to meet their needs. And if you have a question, he is always ready to help.

Yes, they are pharmacy. They can fill all of your prescriptions and they can even help you if you have no medical insure. They also deliver to customers, when the need arises. But they are much more than just a pharmacy.

They are a store specializing in a lot of unique items. They have all kinds of collectibles, such as angels, TY Babies and stuff animals, figurines of all kinds, jewelry, both costume and real gold pieces, and not to mention Ohio State shirts and miscellaneous items. Of course, being a part of Waverly, they also sell spirit items in colors of the local schools.

When you are looking for a seasonal item, especially outdoor stuff, you also need to check out the selection at Bartley’s. They sell a variety of outdoor and window decorations

At times, you can even find small furniture items at Bartley’s. They have sold small tables, chest and even bedroom furniture for a child’s room.

Of course, they also cater to the candle lover in all of us. They have a full line of Yankee Candles, in all different sizes, styles and flavors. Each month, a different scent is a featured item and the candles in the scent is on sale. That gives everyone a chance to try all the scents and save money, too.

The latest phase in Ohio is stars that you place outside your home. Bartley’s sale these in various sizes and colors. And you can always buy a patriotic flag at Bartley’s as well.

They even have stylish purses and bags. And for the men on your list they sale a lot of collectibles knives, lighters and the like.

After you purchase a gift you can even get your cards and wrapping items here at Bartley’s. They sell a whole line of Hallmark cards and they also have gift bags for those people who hate to wrap.

For children’s gifts, they also carry a small line of children’s toys. And for that child in all of us, they sell snacks and candy items, as well.

Being a pharmacy, of course, they sell many beauty and health products. They carry shampoos, conditioners, make up, hair spray, etc. They have a full line of over the counter medicines, too.

And if you need something in the stationary line, they sell paper, pens, calendars, etc.

But what is really unique about Bartley’s isn’t just what they sale. It is their pharmacy and sales staff. They all are pleasant and polite people, wanting to help their customers.

Their sales slogans is that they are a hometown pharmacy, and that they see their customers as being more than just customers, they see them as being friends. In the hustle of today’s busy world it is nice to know that there is hometown stores like Bartleys’s.

They meet all of our pharmacy needs as well as making our shopping time fun, by changing their inventory often and by providing unique gifts that isn’t always found in the bigger stores, like Wal-Mart.

The people in Waverly, Ohio, knows all about Bartley’s Discount Pharmacy. Maybe store owners in other cities should stop in, too. They could learn a thing or two that the Waverly citizens all ready know.

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