What To Wear With A Black Pinstripe Suit

Black pinstripe suit is an ideal attire for men when it comes to boardroom meetings and other formal events. This suit not only gives a sophisticated and neat look, but it is also an elegant option to keep in your wardrobe and add to your collection. Black is used as a base colour in this suit, which gives you the liberty to wear various colours with it. However, some people wear wrong accessories and color combinations with black pinstripe suits which not only ruin their look, but also give the impression that the wearer is somebody with zero fashion sense. Nevertheless, such people can still make it right by following a few simple steps given in this guide  on what to wear with a Black Pinstripe Suit.


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    Plain white shirt can go with almost any type of suit and it also makes a great combination with black pinstripe suit. You can wear other colours as well, except for gray and check shirts that have button down style, or shirts with competing patterns. It is best to adorn the black pinstripe suit with a solid colour shirt.

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    You can try various colour combinations of ties with black pinstripe suit, but make sure it should not have competing pattern otherwise your entire look will ruin. It is best to go with ties that are in solid colours; this includes black ties as well. The second option are ties with subtle patterns as they are comparatively acceptable to wear according to fashion gurus. You can also take advice from the salespersons at a suiting shop or from a fashion-savvy family member or friend.

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    By wearing cufflinks you can add to your look. Silver and golden colour cufflinks will look great with a black pinstripe suit. But if you intent to wear other accessories like ring or watch, then the cufflinks must coordinate with their color tone.

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    Ensure that you should not wear white socks with black pinstripe suit as it is a huge gaffe in terms of fashion. Wear only black socks with your black suit.

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    The best shoes to go with a black pinstripe suit are black dress shoes because it is important you wear shoes that match the attire, specially in case of formal dressing. So make sure your shoes are not scuffed up. Shine your shoes properly at home or from local shoe repair shop.

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