Bed and Breakfasts Common Misconceptions

Many who have never stayed at a bed and breakfast are unsure of what to expect. Some of those expect things that turn out to be untrue. Here are some common misconceptions about bed and breakfasts and what to really expect.

“We’ll have to share a bathroom.”

First and foremost, according to a study, over 96% of bed and breakfasts have private bathrooms now. Keep in mind that these private baths may or may not be in the room that you are in. Some have converted a closet space into a bath, and others have built them on in a separate room. If it is a concern of yours you can always just ask the inn where you’ve made your reservation. Most of the time if the bathroom is in a separate part of the house, the innkeeper will provide robes so that you will not feel embarrassed.

The 4% that still have shared bathrooms usually have a schedule or system worked out where it runs smoothly, after all this is the bed and breakfasts source of income. They want to make sure that people return.

“Communal breakfasts will be uncomfortable and weird”

Many times there are a host of visitors to the bed and breakfast who will be from another country, or at least a different part of the country than yourself. After the first few awkward minutes, or less if the innkeeper is adept at starting up conversations, most people will just hop on a topic and take off with it. Generally the topics will be the weather, where everyone is from, and then finding a common thread among the group. These group breakfasts, while usually dreaded at first, turn out to be very entertaining.

However, if you just would like a nice private breakfast, tell the innkeeper while making breakfast and usually they will be happy to accommodate you and send up a private tray of their breakfast served.

“There is no TV/telephone or other touches with technology”

If you are trying to get away from it all, shouldn’t you really get away from it all? But if you just have to see that must-see-tv, or check your email, just check in with the innkeeper. Most times the room will already have a small tv, and they can readily accommodate an internet connection. (Most of these inns have a website presence anyhow and so it’s not that much of a stretch to facilitate those visitors who need a connection). Most innkeepers are there to please.

“There is going to be no privacy, like staying with family”

If privacy is your main concern, make sure that the bed and breakfast that you ultimately choose has more than five rooms. That way, you are less likely to bump into anyone, and that they will be run like a well oiled machine. If after checking out all the information about the bed and breakfast, you still aren’t sure about it, just call the inn and ask. Most innkeepers will not “trick” you into staying, they’d rather you not stay and keep the positive publicity for the B&B.

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