The Neat Sheet Just Can’t Be Beat

The Neat Sheet is one of the neatest, handiest products I have ever tried. It is a ground cover created by Kimberly-Clark and is made of a synthetic material that is similar to ones used for disposable medical wear. The Neat Sheet comes in two sizes, the regular size and the family size. The regular size is 57″ x 77″, or 30 square feet, and is about the size of a queen mattress. The family size is 90″ x 114″, or over 70 square feet. Both are really portable because the regular size is only one pound and the family size is less than two pounds. The Neat Sheet comes in three color combinations: Red/Blue, Blue/Turquoise and Grass Green/Fuschia. You can purchase the Neat Sheet in drug stores, grocery stores, mass mechandisers such as Kmart and some club stores. The Neat Sheet is usually found in the area with napkins, picnic supplies, summer seasonal and suncare.

The truly amazing fact about the Neat Sheet is its ability to resist sand and water, which both roll right off. That, of course, makes the Neat Sheet ideal to bring to the beach. I remember my mom getting me my first Neat Sheet five years ago, a year or so after it was introduced to the market. I rejoiced at its portability because I live near the beach and after my car broke down, I wound up walking with a double stroller and two pre-schoolers to the local beach several blocks away. You can believe that it was much easier to transport the Neat Sheet in the bottom of the stroller as opposed to folding chairs or even beach mats. The Neat Sheet is breathable and stays cool, even in the hot sun, so little ones never go “ouch!” The best part was that after a day of squirted juice boxes, cookie crumbs, sandy buckets and drippy swimsuits, the Neat Sheet was clean and ready to be folded and put back under the stroller. Another great use for small children is placing the Neat Sheet under the high chair while the little one eats. When the meal is over voila – just pick up the sheet, dump the crumbs, fold and put away for next time.

Now that I have the car I like and want to protect the seats, I use the Neat Sheet at the beach for a seat and after the beach on the car seats to keep them clean and dry. It also makes a great table covering at the beach or park for those nasty public picnic tables. Just lie down the Neat Sheet and you have an attractive, clean surface to eat off of that is quick to clean up later. I also use the Neat Sheet as a ground cover under gazebos and tents. It makes a terrific ground cover while the kids are painting and doing crafts. I especially love using the Neat Sheet when the kids are working with sparkles. It used to take days to get them all off the floor but now I just pick up the Neat Sheet and dispose of them tidily. The kids also love to use the Neat Sheet to have indoor picnics in front of the television on rainy days and it makes clean up a minimum. No more crumbs on the living room floor and the kids get to play let’s pretend on a rainy day – how great is that! Once, the kids even used my blue Neat Sheet as a backdrop for a puppet show. It is a vibrant blue color that resembles a photographer’s back drop and can even be used as a background for taking photos.

There are some additional interesting facts about the Neat Sheet. The Neat Sheet can be cut and does not fray. However, the Neat Sheet should not be machine washed or dried. Rather, you should hose down the Neat Sheet and air or line dry it because the extreme heat of the dryer could damage the material. If using the Neat Sheet as a drop cloth, consider that Latex and water based paints bead up but oil or solvent based paints penetrate into or through the material.

The Neat Sheet is affordable and my regular sized one cost $6.99. The Neat Sheet ranges in price from about $7 to $30, depending on the size you buy and if you decide to get a multi-pack of this useful item. I highly recommend owning more than one because the Neat Sheet just can’t be beat for many uses and you are sure to come up with some of you own!

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