Basic Tips For Spotting Fake Fashion Items

Fashion designer items usually have cleverly made counterfeits that can deceive every buyer in one way or the other. Once upon a time, spotting fake fashion items was very easy, but given how innovative counterfeit producers have gotten, buying the real thing has become way harder. Nevertheless, you can still differentiate fake from original using a few important tips, which are listed out below:


  • 1

    Check stitches

    Fake fashion items are usually poorly stitched compared to the real thing. If it’s a bag, carefully analyze the stitch patterns and check whether or not it’s been properly stitched. Once you notice threads falling off or any sign of possible tears, then be sure it’s a fake.

  • 2

    Check zippers

    If the fashion item you desire to purchase comes with a zip, you should test it as many times possible, to ensure it won't fall off. Fake zippers tend to fall off quite easily and are always harder to open and close compared to the real ones. So beware!

  • 3

    Examine label

    Check the label of the item you are purchasing; if it’s already coming off, then it’s a fake. Also, a number of fake designers tend to omit or alter a particular letter in the brand name they're copying, on the label. I.e Nike might be changed to Nikke or Nile.

  • 4

    Too cheap

    This is one absolute way to spot fake fashion designers. If those Louis Vitton shoes are going to cost you next to nothing, then, they're most certainly not the real deal.

  • 5

    Feel the quality

    Most fashion enthusiasts can always tell if a designer item is fake or real, with a single touch of the hands. Real fashion items made of fabric or leather have a certain way they feel when touched compared to that of a fake one. If you can’t differentiate with just a touch, then have someone that knows original fashion items check them out for you.

  • 6

    Inspect manufacturing company

    Majority of the fake items produced are usually all the way from Asia. If that item you are buying was ‘’made in china’’, you will need to take extra care.

  • 7


    Original fashion items are usually packaged with the right boxes and identification cards that prove their authenticity. Also, if your item was delivered to you in a plastic bag instead of a dust cover then it’s a fake.

  • 8


    While it's usually hard to spot fake fashion items, you can use these tips to help you make a better, more educated choice, and avoid wasting your money on the fake stuff.

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