Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vintage clothing stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are a great resource for gently used period clothing. Vintage clothing store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, carry an assortment of clothing from the past to the present. Locating a terrific vintage piece of clothing from a specific era can take some time. Use the ready to lend a hand staff at your local vintage clothing store and you could cut your exploration in half.

Vintage clothing stores are a great source for authentic period costumes. Almost everyone goes to the local Halloween costume rental store when they need to dress like a flap from the 1920’s. Don’t wearing a cheap imitation of the real thing, check out your local vintage clothing store. Most vintage clothing stores will carry a variety of authentic clothing from the past seventy to eighty years. Everyone will be amazed at the quality and authenticity of your costume. If spending a lot of money on an authentic flapper dress seems to be a little too pricey there are other options. Renting an authentic period piece of clothing can save you some extra money. Renting vintage clothing also keeps something you might wear only once from gathering dust in you closet. So, the next time you need a costume check out one of these great vintage clothing stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Vias Vintage Wear for Men and Women is a quirky little vintage clothing shop will fabulous one of kind clothing perfect for a night out on the town. You will definitely need to be in the mood for vintage to wear some of their crazier duds if you shop at this vintage clothing store. Vias Vintage Wear for Men and Women is an eccentric clothing store with racks of funky clothing. Best of all, they carry both men’s and women’s clothing. Vias Vintage Wear for Men and Women is located at 2408 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55405. They can be reached at (612) 374-3649.

Tatters Clothing is located at 2922 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55408. It would not be difficult to spend a few days sorting through their vintage finds. Vintage hats, clothing, as well as shoes and little pieces for you home are all readily available. The inventory at Tatters Clothing is constantly changing. They have a large customer base that would have it no other way. If you want to sell some of your own vintage clothing call ahead for an appointment. They can be reached at 612-822-1512.

Corner Store Vintage is a local vintage clothing store in Minneapolis. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. They specialize in period clothing perfect for plays and costumes and everything is clean and ready to wear. They carry styles ranging form the early 1900’s, especially the 1940′ and 1950’s. The store rents vintage tuxedos. They also purchase vintage clothing & vintage collectible jewelry and have been in business for over 35 years. Corner Store is located at 900 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 54408. They carry a variety of clothing options ranging from the vintage to the name brand. They can be reached at 612-823-1270.

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