Great Gifts for Any Occasion and Anyone in Your Life

Why go broke giving gifts? Remember the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Well, it’s time to return to the days when life was simple. There was a time when you could return a favor with a favor. It seems that society has become too demanding and materialistic these days.

1. Gift cards!: Okay, gift cards solve all problems. If you do not have a natural talent for selecting the right gifts for the right person, you can just pick up a gift card! You can get gift cards at your local grocery store. American Express and Visa gift cards are great! Also, you can also get Starbuck’s cards and Cold Stone gift cards and or certificates. If you’re getting a gift for a female friend, why not stop at trendy hot department store and get them a gift card? Gift cards are trusty and reliable because you will not be stuck with the stress of wondering what you should get a person or wondering if your gift will be hated and re-gifted!

2. Foods: Why not return a favor with baked goods? Everyone loves cakes and or cookies. If you’re not a great cook, why not stop by your local bakery and pick something up? If you love cooking and you’re a pro, why not take time to make a cake, cookies, or something scrumptious? It doesn’t matter if your baked goods are made from scratch or straight out of a box. The idea is that you cared enough to make it!

3. Office supply products: Everyone could use nice calculator, desk calendar, new rolodex, address book, pens, pencils, stationary, a letter opener, stapler, new software program, or some nifty office item! Office supply stores also have cool electronic gadgets as well. A friend of mine got a co-worker a signature stamp after hearing her co-worker complain about how much she hated to sign her name to every letter.

4. Plants: Potted plants make great office gifts and plus they’re good for the environment as well. They improve the life of the office by circulating fresh air. Orchids and cactus are perfect too!

5. Books: A good book will tickle anyone’s fancy, especially if it’s a book on a particular topic, or subject that a person is interested in! I would recommend stopping by Border’s Books & Music or Barne’s & Noble. You can also shop online as well if you find that you have a busy life and you don’t have any time to stop by a book store to select a few books.

6. Music: Music makes the world a better place and makes a great gift as well! If you’re giving music as a gift, find out about this person’s music preference! Does this person like classical, opera, country, jazz, soul, blues, alternative, contemporary, or what? Also, you can shop online and select from numerous music stores. Pick up Coltrane, that’s always a winner!

7. Sports Equipment: Why not stop at a sporting goods store for gifts? In a sporting goods store, your options are limitless. You could get someone portable weights to work out, football for past time lunch breaks, basketballs, tennis racquet, fishing equipment, ping pong balls, golf balls or nice athletic gloves. If you know that you have a friend whose birthday is quickly approaching, check out your local sporting goods store!

8. Candles: Candles also make wonderful gifts. I once knew a lawyer who loved candles. His closet was filled with candles of all sizes and all had been received as gifts.

9. Art & Crafts Supplies: Why not stop by your local arts and crafts store to search for gifts? You can find a multitude of neat things at crafts stores. If you know of a few people who are artsy and love to work with their hands, I’d recommend a craft store, or either a home improvement store such as Home Depot, Osh, Lowe’s, and ACE. Craft stores have numerous projects such as painting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, sketching, do small interior design projects, stenciling, framing, etching, and more.

10. Bath & Body Works or the Body Shop: If you’re getting a gift for a woman or man, why not get them something they can use and will love like body products? Bath & Body Works and the Body Shop are great places to shop. Before you get a gift from one of these places, ask around and find out if the person you’r egifting has any allergies and find out what their favorite scents are as well. Do not attempt to rush to either of these stores and buy something that you “feel” they will like or “feel” the should have. Also, do not get someone a gift because you like the scent of it. That’s selfish!

11. Gift Baskets: You can get any type of gift basket that you desire. Whether it’s a cheese and wine, or fruit basket. Did you know that you could also make candy baskets as well? Yes, it’s possible! If you’re creative and unique, you can rush to your local craft store, pick out a basket, clear cellophane wrap, a ribbon, and stuffing. You can also pick up a bag of confetti too. Next, go to your local candy store. Get gourmet candy! One of my favorite stores has to be the Sweet Factory. You can also stop by the See’s Candies or Godiva Chocolate as well. You can even make chocolate baskets too.

12. Kitchen or cookware: Why not get a smoothie machine, an expresso machine from Starbuck’s, or an ice cream maker as a gift? It’s a unique gift because these items are fun to use and it allows the recipient to have fun and experiment!

13. Gym membership: Why not give a complimentary gym membership as a gift? It doesn’t have to be a gym membership; it can be a one month pass to a yoga studio. Either way, it’s good for the soul!

14. Clothing: Clothing items make great gifts as well. This must be the simplest gift for a guy. Why not get that special guy a hat or t-shirt with his favorite college or sports team? Or you could settle for a favorite phrase of a pass time activity? Be sure to find out the guy’s hat and clothing size as well!

Getting the right gift does not have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be Some people agonize over gift giving. Remember: It’s the thought that counts and keep telling yourself this! All you need is a little creative thought, effort and time. Remember, if all else fails, pick up a gift card! You can never go wrong or disappoint someone if you give them the option to select their own gift. You only provide the cash on a card and it’s done!

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