How to Dress Like a Rockabilly Chick

Rockabilly was a popular music style in the 1950s and had its own fashion sense associated with it. This genre of music is making waves again and so is the dressing associated with it. A rockabilly chick dresses bold, wears bright colours and follows some definite rules of the rockabilly fashion. She has an air of uniqueness and boldness around her. If you want to adopt the music style, you should alter your dressing accordingly so that you reflect it.


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    Rockabilly dresses are tight fit. They outline and enhance your figure. Choose halter dresses with sweat heart necks and tight fitted waists which accentuate your appearance. Dresses with frills and loud patterns are so rockabilly! Pencil skirts and swing skirts can also be worn for the outlook. Choose cropped trousers. Any shirt that you wear should have short sleeves. The patterns most common in rockabilly are polka dots, floral, checked and leopard print. The most used colours are black, white, red and navy. They can be used alone and in combination with each other.

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    Black is the most common hair colour. Dye your hair to a shade of deep black. Put on bows and bands as without them the look is incomplete. Fake flowers and pins are going to serve the purpose. You also need retro glasses to go with the entire outfit.

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    Make up:

    Caked on bold make up is the trademark of the dress up. Apply a good layer of foundation. Use eye liner to give yourself the cat look. The characteristic porcelain doll look can also be achieved with the clever use of the eyeliner. Put on several coats of the mascara. Put on rosy pink blush on accentuate the doll look. Deep red lipstick will get you the perfect look you desire.

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    There is no compromise on heels here. Three to four inches of heels are pretty normal for a rockabilly girl who walks with the world on her feet. Heels should complement the dress colours, preferably red, white and black.

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    Tattoos will be a great addition to the whole look. Margarita glasses, roses, skulls are some tattoo designs famous rockabilly chicks who get them etched on their arms, legs and other parts of the body.

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