Earrings: Jewelry Trends for the Springtime

Natural beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but for many a woman the beauty lies in the delicate pieces of metal that adorn her body. From filigree rings to choker necklaces to chandelier earrings, this spring, jewelry will be a focal point for everyone’s attention.

Women have often adorned their ears with earrings, and like the trends experienced with skirts, the length of the earring goes up and down in cycles with the changeover of the seasons and the years. This spring, earrings are up for a sleek and slender look, embellishing the ears with a sparkle that lingers from the ear lobe to just below the chin-line.

Like the pretty blossoms that adorn our flowering gardens, earrings arrive this spring with a delightful palette of pastel colors to select from. Delicate pastels and earthy tones are the highlight of this season’s jewelry, combining with ebony blacks and elegant whites to create a truly bohemian effect.

Additionally, earrings will be sporting the dangling look that has been regaining so much popularity lately. Beads and charms in lightly colored tones will hang in splendid glory from the delicate chains that attach them to the feminine ear. Hoops of all sizes, sometimes the bigger the better, will also be staging a comeback this spring.

The delicate jingle of a layer of hoops influences almost anyone to smile in appreciation. Hoops that swing in a delicate motion with an array of lightly colored beads arranged on them add a delightful twist to any jewelry collection.

This spring, women want their earrings to garner attention. The flash and dazzle of a cascading array of gemstones will simply add to the beauty of any woman. A layer of beads or gems will clearly be a popular addition to many designer earrings.

Gemstone beads in a variety of pastel shades are strikingly beautiful as they dangle from delicate silver or golden chains. However, wooden beads, in a variety of earthy browns, tans, and greens, are making their presence known.

The linear look of earrings is taking a backseat this season and is being replaced with geometric shapes and loops. No longer is simple and sweet the ideal, but rather an eclectic collection of hoops is the primary goal.

Layered earrings are also highly popular and in vogue this season. From hand crafted to store bought, layered earrings create an unusual appearance that is certainly eye opening.

Colors will be natural and soothing. Melons, aqua blues, calm greens, and pale yellows will play a prominent role in jewelry designs this year. Bold and sassy colors have been relegated to a back seat this season, although they are sure to make a comeback appearance sometime in the fashionable future.

While silver colored chains are highly popular with beads and orbs dangling from their lengths, golden tones still hold a place of stature on the earring displays throughout the most popular stores. In fact, as delicate spring transforms into the warmer tones of summer, gold chains will be ever more apparent as the warmer earth tones make their appearance in the beads and charms adorning women’s ears.

Chandelier styles have become increasingly popular, especially for day attire. However, the perfectly designed pair of chandelier earrings can create the most dramatic effect for an evening event. Classy, sophisticated styles in delicately colored crystals or pastel pearls look amazing against the backdrop of evening attire and nighttime atmosphere.

Carefully selected earrings can add a glamorous look to any outfit. If you purchase an assortment of colors, beads, hoops, and lengths, then you will be prepared to dress your ears to the max for any occasion.

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