Create a Homemade Beach Towel Wrap

It’s nice to have a beach towel to wrap up in after swimming, but basic beach towels don’t always stay securely wrapped around the body, especially when bending over or participating in beach activities. Wraps made for covering up after swimming and sunbathing are designed specifically for covering up, and they comfortably stay in place.

You can create a homemade wrap for less than half the price of the average beach wrap sold in stores, and best of all your homemade beach towel wrap can be made from any towel you choose. A homemade wrap gives you many more choices than you’ll find in stores that sell ready-made beach attire.

Selecting a Towel

You can choose a beach towel for your homemade wrap, or you can select a regular bath towel. The choice is entirely yours, but keep in mind that thinner material actually works better for a homemade wrap. Choose a solid-colored towel that matches your bathing suit, or choose a colorful towel with eye-catching geometric designs or other interesting graphics or characters.

Make sure the towel you’re considering is large enough for your homemade wrap. Place the towel around your body just beneath your arms. There should be enough room for the towel to overlap in the front by at least twelve inches, and it should fit snuggly but comfortably.


Creating a homemade beach towel wrap is really very simple. You’ll need 4 three-inch strips of Velcro that are at least one inch in width. Arrange the strips of Velcro on the outer edge of the towel as well as the inside where the rough loop-covered strips will connect to the soft-sided strips. With a fine-tip marker or fabric pencil, mark around the edges of the prearranged strips. Securely sew the Velcro strips to the towel, and you’ll be ready for fun in the sun.

Additional Options

Consider buying a washcloth that matches the material you select for your homemade beach towel wrap. You can make a handy pocket to hold change, sunglasses, sun block, or anything else you desire. Simply cut the washcloth to the proper size, turn in the edges, and sew it to the finished wrap. Attach a strip of Velcro to the top of the pocket so it will stay closed and secure.

To make your beach wrap more flattering to the figure, consider adding a belt. Make a matching belt from another towel, or from terry cloth material. Thread a large decorative bead or two through each end of the belt, and you’ll look particularly fashionable in your homemade beach towel wrap.

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