Simple Hair Accents that Anyone can Craft

If you believe what the Bible says, that every woman’s hair is her crowning glory, then prepare to enhance the natural beauty of your hair with hair fashion accessories. If the budget is small, don’t despair because anyone can create lovely hair accessories that will be in fashion with very little expense. Whether hair is long or short, hair fashion accessories can be simple.

Begin with something basic – bobby pins. Bobby pins come in two sizes – the standard small crinkled style that most of us are familiar with and larger hair pins. Both types can be dressed up very easily. Take a basic bobby pin in brown or black or gray and paint it. Nail polish can coat the bobby pin with color or sparkles. Coordinate your nails with your hair ornaments. Or, splurge a little and buy acrylic paints in any craft store or department. If you have an artistic talent, paint stripes of different shades on the pins. You can also dress up bobby pins by glueing a few rhinestones or other costume jewels to the pins. Similar styles sell in stores but you can make your own for pennies on the dollar. These make great fashion accessories that are different and easy to create!

The same goes for long metal hair barrettes. Although these now come in several different metallic shades, metal hair barrettes can also be painted or adorned. These can be the base for the fashion accessory that you make.

Another use for the long, sturdy hair barrettes that clasp is to build a hair bow to place on the barrette. Making hair bows is much simpler that most people think. The supplies needed are a barrette or heavy comb, satin ribbon in the color or colors of your choice, glue (a hot glue gun is great for this), and some straight pins.

Begin by cutting a bottom layer of satin ribbon into a 16 inch strip. Mark 1/2 inch from each end and then fold the ends into the center. Match the ends together in a neat way and pin in place. Next, cut a second layer in a 14 inch long strip. Repeat the same process and fold, placing above the first layer and pin. Repeat with an additional layer using a 12 inch strip. Glue each layer together and to the barrette using the smallest possible amount of glue. Let dry and the bow is ready to wear! Create unique bows by mixing colors – each layer can be a different shade or adding extra layers for an especially large bow. Bows can also be made by folding a strip of material about 16 inches long and four inches wide into a fan like shape. Pin n place and glue. Always remove remaining pins after glue is dry.

Silk flowers can also be glued onto a hair clip or barrette for an attractive fashion accent. Be creative – use sea shells to cover a wide barrette or cover one with buttons. The sky is the limit and you’re in charge of making anything work as a hair fashion accessory!

Use home crafted hair accessories to make that fashion statement and save money! Your hair can be the envy of your friends when you create your own unique hair fashions!

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