You’ve Got Money…You Just Don’t Know It!

You have money in places you don’t even realize! As I have said before, it may just be a buck here and 50Ã?¢ there, not much on an individual basis, but put them all together and what have you got? A whole lot more than bib-bide-bob-ide-boo!

A dollar a day is $365 a year. A dollar a week is $52 a year. Again, not much, but put them together and you have saved over $400 in a year and you didn’t even have to do a thing to get it. It didn’t cost you anything including EFFORT! It was TOTALLY FREE to get! WHY? Because you already had it, you just didn’t know it!!!


Have you checked the bottom of your purse lately? Have you checked the compartments in your car for spare change you drop there? What about a “holder” that you have around the house or in your bedroom where your throw change? On your desk, in your desk drawer? On the bathroom counter, on your night stand.. and the list goes on.

I do my husbands laundry – and every time I take the jeans out of the washer to put into the dryer, I always find change in the basin (I know, I should check the pockets before washing, I just forget to!)

But guarenteed (for me)- at least a dollar a week – often more! But based on one dollar a week – that is $52 a year. A birthday or christmas gift or 2! Or a great start for a savings account! And it cost me nothing.

And where did that buck come from? Not my wallet, not my savings account, not my pay check……my husbands pockets! Yes, reallly – just his pockets where it might have fallen out on the street anyway. From my husbands pockets where it’d probably just been dropped somewhere and forgotten about. From my husbands pockets….that might have just gone back into his pockets and wasted on something he didn’t really need. He had it and didn’t even know it. Same goes for your purse and backpacks!

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