Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching. This year why not be a little creative and make your costume instead of purchasing one. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

A Ghost: This is the old stand by, everyone has an old white sheet lying around, cut out two eyes (just two, you don’t want a Charlie Brown ghost with multiple eyes), and you’re on your way. Be sure the sheet is not too long, so as not to trip your child as they are walking. You can also get creative and “dress up” your ghost by adding features to the sheet with a permanent marker such as a beard for boy ghosts or eye shadow and lipstick for a girl ghost.

A Scarecrow: An old flannel shirt, some rope for a belt, a hat, and a pair of old faded blue jeans and you’re on your way to the perfect scarecrow. Add some paper grocery bags to stuff the shirt out a bit, toss in a little straw hanging out the sleeves and pants for the final effect.

A Mummy: Wrap yourself up in white bandages (use rolls of gauze) you can also add a little green paid for “mold”. There is no need to cover your face as you can use some white make up and draw in the “age” lines.

A Pirate: This one is sure to be very popular this year for adults as well as kids. Tie a bandana around your head, create a wooden leg by wrapping some brown felt around one leg, jeans work great along with a stripped shirt. An eye patch can be made with black felt and some shoe lace. Carrying along an empty bottle marked with xxx on it serves as a good reminder there is only one kind of pirate (a drunken pirate).

Thomas the Engine: This is a great one for kids. Start with a box small enough to fit around your child’s waist. Next paint the box blue, using colored construction paper add some train wheels, stripes and numbering. A 3D face is easy to construct using blue construction paper. Keep the box secured to your child by attaching a belt to each side; your child can then wear each belt over a shoulder so the box will hang around their waist with them inside it. Top it off with a conductor’s hat on your child’s head.

A Rubrics Cube: Kids as well as adults will love this costume. Start with a large cardboard box cutting a large hole at the bottom, two smaller ones on the sides for your arms, and one at the top for your head. Use 5 different colors of construction paper, gluing the colors in a box pattern on each side. Wearing a pair of black pants and shirt will help this costume stand out among the crowd.

These are just some ideas, the possibilities are endless. Get creative this year and most importantly, have fun.

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