Owl T-Shirts Provide Great Designs for Everybody

Whoooo doesn’t love the owl?

No other bird can match the mystique of the owl. Viewed as wise and hauntingly beautiful by people of every age and nationality, the owl is by far the most popular bird species. That’s good news for bird lovers who like to collect wildlife tees, because there’s never been a better time to find an owl t-shirt!

It’s easy to start (and add to) an owl t-shirt collection

What better way to showcase your adoration for the owl than right on your chest. Everyone you meet will see how beautiful this bird is, and when they compliment you on your shirt, you can tell them a few of the “bird facts” you’ve discovered. Who knows, you might even make an owl lover out of them, too!

Whatever species of owl appeals to you-from the majestic snowy owl to the burrowing owl, the great horned owl or the barn owl-you’re sure to find an owl tee or two that features your favorite feathered friend. For bird fans with a sense of humor, there’s even whimsical designs that proclaim the wearer a “night owl.”

Where can you find an owl shirt?

Nature stores at your local mall are a good place to look for an owl shirt, as are city zoos, museum gift shops and mail-order catalogs. Hunting for the owl species, t-shirt style and colors that appeal to you can be a lot of fun, like a game, and your “trophies” will be displayed on your body instead of the living room wall.

Whenever you travel by plane, allow time to browse the airport gift shops, where you might be lucky enough to spy an owl tee you love. As your collection grows, you’ll get a better sense of what is a fair price to pay for the tees, and which ones you might want to pass up.

The internet brings the owl to you

One of the easiest (and quickest) ways to expand your owl t-shirt collection is through the internet. Instead of traipsing all over town looking for the perfect shirt, you can browse from home until you see one that captures your fancy. And if you want to find a fabulous gift for an owl-loving friend or family member, an enjoyable shopping trip is just a click away!

Owl t-shirts are widely available in sizes for children as well as adults. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can custom-create an owl shirt by choosing just the color, shirt style and graphics you want, and your one-of-a-kind tee will be on its way to you in no time.

One caveat: once you’ve discovered how much fun it is to have wear a different owl t-shirt every day of the week, you might find yourself itching to collect sweatshirts and other owl items, such as mugs, mousepads, clocks and posters. Well, I suppose there are far worse hobbies, right?

An owl t-shirt is wearable art

Professional artists’ original photographs, paintings and illustrations are often reproduced on high quality t shirts so they can be affordably offered to lots of people, rather than just a few wealthy art collectors. So wearing your owl tee around town can be like taking a work of art out for a walk.

Owl lore you might like to know

Throughout history, people have regarded owls with fascination, admiration and awe, as well as fear and dislike. Few other creatures have such contradictory beliefs about them. Early Indian folklore portrayed owls as helpful and wise. But in the Middle Ages in Europe, the owl was associated with witchcraft. Because owls appear when it’s dark out and hard to see, their presence filled people with apprehension.

In English folklore the Barn Owl had a sinister reputation because darkness was associated with death. Eighteenth century poet William Wordsworth called the owl the “bird of doom.” During that same period superstitious people believed the screech of an owl flying past the window of a sick person meant they would soon die.

Happy hunting for a beautiful owl t-shirt!

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