How Asian Women Can Find the Right Foundation for Their Skin Tone

Asian women everywhere search for just the right beauty tips and if you’re an Asian woman, then you know the difficulty involved in finding the right foundation for your skin tone. Just what should an Asian woman look for in foundation?

No matter what your preference is you can still find the perfect foundation great for Asian skin tones by following a few rules of thumb.

Tips on what to look for:

The biggest problem most Asian women encounter with foundations is that most foundations designed for black and white women, have either a red or pink undertones. Asian women need to look for a foundation based with yellow undertones. Using foundation designed for darker or lighter skin tones is disastrous leaving a beautiful woman’s face looking too white or even orange-like.

Why is lighting important?

Just because you find a foundation that has yellow undertones, doesn’t mean you’ve won the battle. How many times have any of us tried on a fabulous lip color or bought nail polish only to find the color wasn’t quite the same at home. There’s a reason for that, lighting. Different stores use different forms of lighting, which make the colors appear somewhat different than what they are. It’s always a good idea to check out the color in true daylight before buying it.

Don’t throw away colors that don’t work!

Professional make-up artists usually mix and blend a variety of colors to reach a perfect shade. So if you have several shades of foundation with varying yellow undertones, before you give up and throw them in the trash, try mixing them. You may find the perfect shade by accident.

Always choose a foundation that is closest to you own skin tone and test it.

Testing foundation:

Most women when testing a foundation rub a small amount on the top of the hand and that’s a huge no-no! Because of daily exposures, it’s most likely that the skin tone of your hands and the skin of your face are not nearly the same.

One of the main goals when purchasing a foundation is to give our face a smooth, natural appearance with good coverage. The foundation must blend at the jaw line without any lines of separation to show that we are wearing foundation. The skin on the neck tends to be a few shades lighter on most women and the ideal place to test is actually on the jaw line. If you’re wearing a foundation and testing on the jaw line may not provide you with answers because of the make-up you’re wearingâÂ?¦don’t worry.

Simply test the foundation on an area of the neck where there is no foundation to see if the shade is right for you. Knowing your skin tone, knowing what to look for and knowing how to test a foundation is just half the battle. It’s best to purchase foundation geared towards Asian women.

Where to buy Asian designed foundation:

Instead of compromising your beauty to the colors of foundation that simply say, “yellow undertones” that line supermarkets and retail stores, take the plunge and buy foundation intended for Asian women.

One company is making huge strides in providing Asian women with just the right beauty products, the product line for foundation is complete offering many shades of foundation made just for an Asian beauty in matte, dual foundation and many more. Try out Zhen Beauty Cosmetics for make-up designed for Asian woman and made by Asian women.

Even if there’s not a location near you, ordering is simple. Simply go to and check out all of the products designed especially for you.

Another online retailer that caters to ethnically derived products is Sacha Cosmetics. You can visit them at where you can view a full line of products just for you.

Don’t compromise your beauty to just anyone and don’t force yourself to settle with what’s available from the make-up rack at the pharmacy. It is possible to get all the benefits you want in just the right foundation and now you have the tools you need to accomplish just that.

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