Sewing Machine Embroidery Designs

Stitching colorful designs or names onto cloth has been around for eons, but this new trend in embroidery in nothing like what Grandma did. Where it used to take someone hours and hours of careful, methodical stitching to decorate a pillowcase or other item, these amazing computerized home sewing machines with embroidery units do the work in mere minutes!

These machines have made sewing extremely popular once again. Now, there are legions of sewers (primarily women) who stitch recreationally. Sewing is not about making clothes anymore, it’s about home decorating and crafting; it’s a fun hobby that wives can enjoy while their husbands are watching sports on television or out whacking balls at the golf course.

The sewing machines certainly aren’t cheap-a good one can cost $6,000 or more. But they do creative things that the seamstresses of yesteryear would have a hard time believing is possible, something far, far more elaborate than stitching a name onto a shirt.

The technology that makes the new sewing machines so expensive is also what makes them much easier to use than ever before, even as they do more complex things. With a little practice, users are able to download a free machine embroidery design, push a button and watch their creation unfold before their eyes. And it doesn’t end there. The newer machines can work with a digital camera and some computer software to create embroidered “portraits” of the kids, grandkids or family dog.

Has the machine embroidery bug bitten you yet?

Are you one of the many sewers who is so smitten with this cutting-edge hobby that you’ll embroider anything that doesn’t move? Or are you a beginner who is just learning the ropes? Either way, you have probably begun a serious hunt for a free machine embroidery design (or two or three) that you can download from the internet and use with your new “toy.”

The internet has no shortage of websites that offer both a vast assortment of free machine embroidery design downloads, but also low-cost and subscription based designs. One website I found gives you access to a staggering 3800 designs for only $5, and they add new designs all the time. Another site I visited offers one new machine embroidery design each week to entice you to return. These all appear to be simple and clear designs that turn out great.

Each machine embroidery design comes with an original color chart, and they are tested and corrected in a variety of formats with different machines before being offered for download. If you’re new to this addicting hobby, trying the various machine embroidery designs that are available is a good way to perfect your skills.

What types of free machine embroidery design themes can you find on the internet? You name it, there is probably a design available. Some of the most popular are florals, pets, patriotic, nautical, flags, wildlife, food, aircraft, sports, scenic, celestial and holiday themes. The free machine embroidery design downloads are available in several different formats, including HUS, DST, PES, JEF, VIP and ART.

Machine embroidery is not only a rewarding hobby, it’s a wonderful art form as well. But once you’ve downloaded a machine embroidery design collection that will keep you busy until sometime next year, what can you do with it? Many sites have project ideas with step-by-step guides-use your machine embroidery design to make table toppers, custom signs, doilies, throws and wall hangings.

You can also use a machine embroidery design to jazz up your collection of basic tees and sweatshirts. Another great idea is to convert ho-hum off-the-shelf accessories like tote bags and fabric purses into unique works of embroidered art.

Happy stitching!

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