How to Dress Like a Rapper

No matter, you are a rapper or just a fan of this genre of music, it’s really necessary to show passion for this type music. Rap music is more than just a genre of music. It is a complete culture, a complete life style so you must have a personality of rapper if you are a passionate follower of rap music.

The most important thing in the personality is your appearance and your appearance depends on your dressing. Most of the people think that one needs to spend lot of money to dress like a rapper. It’s not right as you can do this by following some simple tips, which have been explained in this article.


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    Get some baggy jeans:

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to get baggy jeans as you can’t wear any other type of trousers while performing or acting like a rapper. Baggy jeans are a must-have in rappers’ dressing. There are many shapes and cuts, choose that goes with your personality. If you are slim then do not wear skinny or even slouch fit jeans.

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    Get some good shirts:

    Next thing you should do is to get some really good t-shirts. You may get a hoodie as they also look very stylish. Make sure your shirts are little loose like basketball jersey.

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    After getting tees, tanks and trousers, you need to invest on your shoes. The best thing about rappers is that they wear high tops boots or sneakers that are not much expensive. However, make sure they do not look cheap as your shoes really affect your dress. You can get even branded sneakers while remaining in your budget. All you need is little bit information before going for the shopping.

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    While dressing like a rapper, you must use accessory to make yourself more stylish and trendy. First of all, buy some hat and bandana to cover your head. Then get some attractive glasses. Usually, rappers use bit oversize sunglasses. You must get some jewellery for example chain, rings, grill, bling etc. Using gold or platinum jewellery really boosts your image so never ignore these accessories.

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    Buy brands:

    Another important is that you should always wear brands as most successful rappers do. Even if you find it bit expensive, do not hesitate in spending some money. However, you can bring down the cost by visiting fair price shops of these brands.

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