Amazing Salon in Montgomery, Alabama

So you have found yourself in at the capital of Alabama. And you are in need of a wonderful haircut or just a great trim, but you don’t know where to go. Well, this is a common problem in a city as large as Montgomery, Alabama. There are literally hundreds of hair salons and day spas in which a potential customer can choose from. But which one of these are worth spending your time and money, and putting your trust of your hair into the hands of complete strangers. Well, here in Montgomery, Alabama, there is one salon which stands above all of the rest of hair salons. The name of this wonderfully eclectic salon is Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa.

It is here at Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa you will find some absolutely amazing amenities along with world class service. This salon is known as a concept salon, due to its unique appearance. When a potential customer first arrives at the Salon’s facility, they will be completely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and unique architecture of the building. With the structure standing at over two stories tall, the faÃ?§ade of the building is inspired by that of the Aztec and adobe style of architecture. It is absolutely apparent when ones eyes glance at the outer structure that the immense skill and talent which the building contains. Once you walk through the sidewalk lined with small and beautiful bushes and then finally when you walk through the small yet profoundly elegant columns. As another great amenity customers can indulge themselves in is a very beauty garden area, which is shared with LeeAnn’s Interiors.

Once you walk in you are greeted by an experienced and professional staff. The beauty of the outward building is reinforced once you walk into the salon. With a very modern and art-deco look of the salon section of Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa, you the customer will feel as celebrities must do as you indulge in a lifestyle of decadence within the salon and spa doors of this amazingly beautiful and elegant place.

Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa offers its clients a unique experience for both men and women in a relaxed environment. Their master stylists and colorists offer you the experience, education, and creativeness of hair artistry to provide you the client an amazing and one of kind beautiful haircut, coloring, and various styles. One absolutely amazing amenity that Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa offers every single client, whether you’re in for an absolute image makeover or a slight hair trim, is a wonderful stress-relieving aromatherapy shampoo and scalp massage is included.

At Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa, there is one thing that is absolutely guaranteed – that of amazing rates for all of your haircut needs. With a normal haircut starting at just $25 and a haircut with a polished finish starting at just $45, it is no doubt that there is something for absolutely everyone in your family. They also offer a unique and amazing new hair treatment when it comes to straightening your hair. They are one of the only salons in Montgomery, Alabama which offers the YUKO Japanese Thermal Straightening System. This unique and very gentle hair straightening system starts a mere $500 and up. This might seem a lot, but when you compare with other salons, it is an absolute steal!

There is something magical about a wonderful haircut – let Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa be your magician.


Doug’s 2 Salon and Spa
4697 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36106
Tel: 334-396-7120

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