Infant and Toddler Toys: Four Leapfrog Products Reviewed

Last year for Christmas, my daughter received the LeapFrog Learning Drum. When I saw that the product was from LeapFrog, I was excited. As a first time mother I was constantly receiving tips from other parents and just about everyone recommended LeapFrog toys. This began my obsession with the LeapFrog brand. These toys have brought joy to my child’s face and educated her in many ways. LeapFrog has hundreds of different toys; however, I have decided to review four popular toys for the infant and toddler stages.

(1) Leap Frog Learning Drum
At first glance, this toy looks like any other musical toy; however, you must play with it or read the box to realize it is so much more. The LeapFrog Learning Drum has four different modes.

The ABC mode says a letter of the alphabet each time you tap the drum and the letter also lights up on the top of the drum in bright led letters. The numbers mode will count up to 10 each time the drum is tapped and the numbers will also light up. The interactive mode allows your children to tap along with music playing in the background. There is also a follow the beat mode. This option plays a beat first (by tapping once, twice, or more) and the child should repeat by tapping the drum the same amount of times.

The LeapFrog Learning Drum is recommend for children aged six months and up and requires four AA batteries. This drum is also great for older children to play with and can be purchased from around $18 to $25.

(2) LeapStart Learning Table
This LeapFrog activity table is a great investment for parents. The LeapStart Learning Table is has two different modes, learning or music, and just about anything that you touch makes some kind of noise.

There is a book in the middle of the table that changes the modes when you turn the pages. There are many different instruments on the table that play different sounds or songs. The LeapStart Learning Table has detachable legs; therefore, infants unable to stand can play with this item on the floor. When the legs are attached, this item is perfect for the height of most babies and encourages children to stand and move around the table.

The LeapStart Learning Table requires four AA batteries and is recommended for children aged six months and up. This LeapFrog toy can be purchased at most major retailers for around $35 – $40.

(3) Alphabet Pal
This LeapFrog toy is a fun and exciting way to get your toddler interested in learning. This product is a caterpillar-like animal that comes in the colors green or purple. There are twenty-six legs, one for each letter of the alphabet, and they are in various different colors.

There are four different modes on the Alphabet Pal. Mode number one is the ABC mode. When you press each leg that is assigned a letter, the Alphabet Pal will say the letter out loud. The second mode is a phonics mode. Each lettered leg that you push, the Alphabet Pal will slowly pronounce the letter as your baby would when first learning to speak. The third mode has to do with colors, each time you press a colored leg the toy will say the color out loud. The final mode is a music mode and when you press each leg a different melody will play. This toy is also amazing because there are two volume options and there is a pull string in the front and when you pull the Alphabet Pal around, he will always sing the Alphabet.

The LeapFrog Alphabet Pal is recommend for children aged 12 to 24 months, due to the pull string. The Alphabet Pal requires two AA batteries and can be purchased for around $13 to $20.

(4) Little Touch LeapPad
This product is one of the first learning LeapFrog Activity Pads, meant for younger children. This learning toy is great for children of all ages. The pad is made of a hard plastic material; however, there is a cute and comfy little pad on the underside, making it easy for infants and toddlers to set this item on their laps.

The Little Touch Leap Pad has three developmental settings. Setting one is music, two is word play, and setting three is laugh and learn. There is also a learning game on each page, which is great for older children. The most amazing thing about this toy is that virtually every item on the pages makes some kind of noise or speaks. For example, one page of one of the books has batter splatter on the wall and that even makes a noise.

When you first purchase the Little Touch LeapPad, one book and cartridge is included. You are able to purchase more books and castigates from most major retail stores. The pages in these books are also tear resistant, so no matter how hard your baby tries the pages will not rip!

The Little Touch LeapPad requires four AA batteries. This item can also be purchased in different colors, so far I have seen blue and pink. This toy is recommended for children aged six months and up. This product retails for around $30 to $40 and the extra book and cartridges are in the range of $10 to $15 each.

There have been a lot of toys that have made their way into our home and then left when my daughter was no longer interested; however, LeapFrog brand toys seem to be different. My daughter has been playing with some of these toys for over a year and has yet to become bored. Whether it is because of all the different learning options, bright colors, sounds, and fun activities, it is definitely a wise investment to purchase LeapFrog toys for your little ones.

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