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Many people frequent places like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack in search of the best possible entertainment experience. Perhaps the most important piece of a home entertainment system is the television and there is no rival to a big-screen projection television. However, consumers have many factors to consider before they purchase such an expensive piece of equipment.

First, projection televisions come in two basic types, front projection and rear projection. Front projection televisions use an actual projector to place the image on a large screen, while rear projectors contain the projector within the television box and project the image off the back of the television. While it seems that rear projectors would be better and more efficient, front projection televisions are becoming sophisticated and the image is more clear than rear projection sets.

Once a consumer chooses which type of projection television they would like to purchase, there are many other considerations to take into account. One consideration is that many television and computer companies make projection televisions, including Sony, Philips, HP, and Dell. As well, projection televisions require a great deal of space. Projection televisions range from 42 inches to 70 inches, front projection televisions require space for the projector, and rear projection televisions require significant space. Most importantly, consumers need to focus on sound and picture quality, considering their sizable investment. However, the projection television market is diverse and consumers have enough options to make their home entertainment experience more enjoyable.

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