Purchase Clothes and Other Items of the Stars from Your Favorite TV Shows

Many people have a favorite personality whose style they envy or whose living room they’d love to duplicate. Whether it’s from a tv show, a movie or a magazine photo, lots of people look at the clothing, jewelry or furniture and wish to purchase it, but simply don’t know how to find it.

At Star Style, created by EMW, you can take virtual tours of set designs, movie sets and other places where you can see what stars are wearing, sitting on, or displaying. EMW uses the latest technology to identify individual things in the set, or on the celebrity, then gives you the opportunity to learn more about it or even purchase.

Take a virtual tour of your favorite tv show then click on any item that interests you. Clicking on the item will open options such as finding out the brand of the item, learning more about the item, or linking to e-retailers that sell the merchandise. You can also get 1-800 numbers to places where you can order, or find a real store in your area.

The staff at Star Style work with the studios, costume designers and set designers to list the manufacturers of the various things you’ve seen on the big or small screen, including videos, movies, tv shows, infomercials, and other sets.

Some of the shows featured are As The World Turns, American Idol, Guiding Light, The Young and the Restless, and What I Like About You. Some of the products available for purchase include shoes, apparel, furniture, lighting, home accessories, jewelry and cosmetics.
Brand names available include Abercrombie and Fitch, Adidas, Armani, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, DKNY Jeans, Gap, J Lo, J Crew, Nicole Miller, Nike, and Reebok.

The site features upcoming auctions like home furnishings from Paris Hilton and more. The site is relatively young and may not offer every show at the moment, but is adding more and more – as often as possible. And, if you have a favorite show that they aren’t listing yet, you can suggest it and they’ll try to contact the producers and designers from that show to soon include their merchandise as well.

You no longer have to wish for the look of your favorite tv personality – you can actually have it. And, you can design your bedroom, living room, kitchen or den and have it look identical to the one on tv. What’s the next best thing to being a tv personality? Living like one!

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