Mattress Shopping in Aurora Colorado

Mattress shopping in Aurora Colorado doesn’t have to be too difficult. There are actually a number of places you can shop for mattresses in Aurora, Colorado. Furniture stores, mattress specialty stores, and department stores all carry them, but what are the best ones for your mattress shopping needs? A lot of that depends on what brand you are seeking and how much you want to spend, but to help you along here are a few reviews of the city’s most popular destinations for mattress shopping.

Denver Mattress: Owned by furniture row, the people that bring you Bedroom Expressions, Oak Express, and Sofa Mart, they sell mainly their own brand of mattress. They advertise that you save because of that, but that is not always true. For pretty much any popular name brand mattress they do have a knock-off, and they do have competitive pricing. Just don’t fall too much in love with their “we build it” mentality.

Two Locations:
4298 S Parker Rd.
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: 303-617-0424
1640-A S. Abilene St
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-743-7869

American Furniture Warehouse: Privately owned and operated, this is the place for pricing in Aurora. You will have to be okay with a Sealy or locally based Summit mattresses, but the prices are unbeatable in Aurora, Colorado. There is no fluff of “free” frames or delivery, but even those are reasonably priced if you choose to get them. The sales people are well informed across manufacturers and are very low pressure. The Aurora location even stocks all but the very high end mattresses if you want to drive off with it that day.

1700 S Abilene
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-368-8555

Mattress King: Carrying Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Sterns and Foster, and Tempur-Pedic, Mattress King does give you a great deal of variety as far as options go. Though their prices may not be as low as some other stores, you will be able to see a variety of brands side by side to make a good comparison.

990 S Abilene St.
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-306-6181

Mattress Firm: Not unlike Mattress King, Mattress Firm offers you the chance to see a number of name brands side by side. They are a discount mattress store and the sales staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.
1113 South Abilene St.
Ste. #110
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-337-5027

Select Comfort: Obviously Select Comfort is a specialty store. This is the place, the only place, to shop if you are interested in the Sleep Number bed. Sales are very knowledgeable because there are such a finite number of beds available. Atmosphere is nice, but if you are the type that likes to show without a salesperson on you, this may not be the way for you to go. You can also order and get information on the Sleep Number bed online or via phone.

At Cherry Creek Shopping Center
3000 E. 1st Ave
Sp. 196
Phone: 303-377-3093

So when it comes time for you to shop for a mattress in Aurora, Colorado, consider your options. Think about the type of mattress you want and where you think you will most likely be comfortable. Then, you can save yourself a little time by hitting the store that will work best for you and your mattress needs. One word of caution as you look at each store. The manufacturers will always make a “unique” bed for each store so that they all can offer the “lowest price.” What American Furniture may call one thing, another store will have as another name with a different colored cover. It is, essentially, the same exact mattress. So always make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

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