Top Sunglasses Under $40

Sunglass products under $40.00 are a super cheap way to create a fashionable and stylish look. Good sunglasses should look fashionable, offer great comfort while you wear them, and always look like you spent more than you actually did! Sunglasses create a finished look, protect your eyes from the sun, and are a great fashion accessory. Just because a pair of sunglasses costs less than $40, doesn’t mean it has to look or feel cheap. All of these sunglasses are stylish, sturdy, and comfortable to wear. Best of all I personally think they look like they cost a lot more than $40.00. Here are some of my favorite sunglasses that cost less than $40.00.

The Isaac Mizrahi Glamour Oval Sunglasses are a great buy at only $19.99. They are conservative yet stylish at the same time. I also find them comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I have lost these glasses a few times and found them weeks later and am always surprised at how nice they look. They definitely do not look like they were only $19.99. Target is a great source of inexpensive fashions. They always seem to have an affordable version of what is trendy at the moment. The addition of great designers like Isaac Mizrahi allows the general public to feel like they can afford great style on a regular income. Thanks goodness Target has all of these fashionable accessories! My favorite feature of The Isaac Mizrahi Glamour Oval Sunglasses is that they offer maximum UV Protection for your eyes from the harmful sunrays. Cheap sunglasses do not always offer your eyes UV protection against the sun’s rays. Whether you live near a Target or not, you can find these sunglasses! Just visit Target online at and have some shipped to you.

The Xhilaration Rimless Sunglasses, specifically in pink, are another one of my favorite sunglasses that cost less than $40.00. They come in at a mere $9.99, making them some of the cheapest sunglasses I have found to date. Personally I do not usually like rimless sunglasses. I only tried these on as a joke. I love to try on the weirdest or most possibly unflattering sunglasses on the rack and force whoever I am shopping with to stop everything they are doing and check out my crazy look. I am sure this is annoying. You can imagine my shock when I looked in the mirror and was not horrified. In fact I thought these cute pink glasses were a nice change form my usual conservative black sunglasses. I do not recommend sitting on these sunglasses at all. How sturdy can you really expect a rimless pair of sunglasses to be? These sunglasses are also available at your local Target store.

Although I do love the cheap finds at Target here is a great pair that won’t have you shopping the discount stores. My final pair of sunglasses that come in under $40.00 are the Steve Madden S440 Backward Shield Sunglasses. They are made of heavy duty metal and plastic, which are rather sturdy. I know this because I have sat on them three times in the seat of my car. I have a terrible habit of flinging my sunglasses in the front seat for the car so that I do not have to carry them with me. If only I could get in the habit of picking them up before I sit down! The Steve Madden S440 Backward Shield Sunglasses cost $38.00. At the local Steve Madden store near me I have seen them on sale for as little as $19.99. That is a deal for a little o f that Steve Madden edgy designer look!

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