Top Boot Products Over $200

Finding some great boots worth a $200 and over price tag isn’t all that hard too do. Narrowing your choices down to only a few boots that cost over $200 is definitely a little more difficult. Spending that kind of money on some boots happens only a few times for me, so I have to make sure I am going to get what I paid for. I definitely want my boots to have a look that will last for more than a couple seasons. I also want them to be something that makes me stand out form the rest of the crowd. Here are some of my top boots for over $200 that will have everyone asking you where you found them.

The new Michael Kors “Jolene” Boot has got to be one of my all time favorite pricey boots. Spending over $200 on a boot is not something that I do often. Sometimes though, you just find a style and design that speaks to you. The “Jolene” boot definitely got my attention. The style is a mix of romantic Victorian style, but with a nice modern touch. I imagine it in some kind of cool sci fi movie that has all of the actresses dressing in super monochromatic clothing that looks modern and timeless all at once. I don’t think this boot can necessarily go out of style, since I do not believe that it is completely in style. The design of this unique boot is definitley one that would have to be a personal choice. The Michael Kors “Jolene” Boot measures 13-1/2 inches tall, making it perfect with jeans or even a long skirt. It might even look good with some great gauchos. My favorite feature about the Michael Kors “Jolene” Boot is the super tall 4-1/2 inch heel. You gotta love a shoe that can make you a whole 4-1/2 inches taller with any plastic surgery! You can buy the Michael Kors “Jolene” Boot in black or brown. Personally I think the black is a lot better looking, but it never hurts to have a good pair of brown boots. You can find the Michael Kors “Jolene” Boot at most major department stores. I have seen them priced for $279.00 and have not seen them on sale yet.

The Dolce Vita Leather and Suede Boot is a super tall leather boot that is accented with suede sections. These suede sections flow along the tall part of the boot that covers your leg. They are super stylish and super sturdy. They have that edgy feel typical of most of the shoes and clothing at Urban Outfitters. I like these boots a lot because they look sturdy and not like some boots that cost almost $300.00. This seems to be a common theme for the clothing, shoes, boots, and accessories at this trendy store. Hefty price tags attached to clothes that say you are too cool to care they cost an arm and a leg. For the price tag though you are getting a boot that will last a while. The hefty price tag of $275 is well worth it when you see the craftsmanship on these leather boots. The Dolce Vita Leather and Suede Boot stands 16″ tall and is by far the tallest I have seen. You can buy the Dolce Vita Leather and Suede Boot online at or check them out at the store.

Another great boot is the “Westgate” Midcalf Boot also from Michael Kors. The boot itself measures only 10-1/2 inches tall. It is made of leather and has a fashionable pointy toe. It zips up the side making it easy to put on and take off. You can buy the “Westgate” boot in either brown or black. I have the brown and love to wear it with some chocolate colored slacks. The look is a million bucks. This boot looks expensive and is. A pair of these stylish boots will cost you $249.00. I have not seen them on sale anywhere.

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