Top Boots Under $200

Boots are a great fashion trend that never seems to go out of style. You can find many great boots out there for well under $200. Investing in a great pair of boots is a fun way to look fashionable. Here are a few of my favorite boot products that come in well under $200.

The Arturo Chiang “Prudie” Tall Pull-On Boot has to be one of my favorite new boots on the market. This super stylish boot comes in at $169.00, which will leave you under $200 even after taxes. This boot measures 12 inches tall and has a great three-inch heel. This is definitley a boot made for a fun night out with the girls. It looks great tucked under your pants leg or exposed while wearing a skirt. Best of all this boot looks like it cost twice as much! I just bought mine and thanks to another heat wave in Chicago I haven’t been able to wear them out on the town yet, but I am dying to see everyone’s reaction! I bought the Arturo Chiang “Prudie” Tall Pull-On Boot in black, but they also come in brown and winter white as well.

The “Chester” Tall Buckle Boot from Style and Company is another great boot perfect for the fall and winter. The style is less trendy than some boots on the market. The classic style should last for quite a few years. This boots measure 14 inches tall and has a cute rounded toe that is not easy to find in great looking boots. It zips up the side, which makes it easier to get on and off than the Arturo Chiang “Prudie” Tall Pull-On Boot. It also has a 3-12″ heel, which is great if you are always trying to add a few inches of height. Nothing makes you feel dressier than a great stylish boot with a good high heel. Personally I think this boot looks great with a nice long skirt that hits somewhere between the knee and ankle. You definitely will want to show off this boot and pants would just cover up that great 14″ height! You can buy the “Chester” Tall Buckle Boot from Style and Company in either black or brown. It is available at Macy’s as well as online at A pair of these great looking boots will cost you well under $200 at $129.00. They definitley look like they cost a lot more!

The Mattise “Kansas” Boot is a great boot only the market today that has that Western touch that seems to show up periodically in fashion trends. The cowboy Western boot looks seems to not have gone out of fashion for quite a while. So, maybe it is here to stay. The Mattise “Kansas” Boot is a great sleek look that will definitely make a statement. It is perfect for the city or the country! This Western style boot come sin either black or brown. It has super intricate designs embossed on the foot part of the boot as well as on the outer side of the shaft. It has the typical pointy toe look that most Western style boots feature. My favorite feature of this boot is that t zips up the side. This feature makes it easy to put on and take off. Many Western style boots simply pull on, which is not always a great feature. The boot stands about 8″ tall, which is also great. Many Western boots are extremely tall and can look a little odd under the leg of your pants. The brown version of this Western style boot is distresses and looks great with the distress jean look that is so fashionable today. A pair of these fashionable boots will cost you about $169.00.

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