Halloween Costume Ideas

Has this ever happened to you? Halloween is approaching and you start thinking of see all those cute little (and
grown up) kids running around in their costumes. And then your lips start to quiver and you have a hard time forcing
the tears back when you start thinking of the cost of buying costumes at your local store? Well, don’t be frightened
my little pet. Help is on the way. Why not make your costumes? Come on, it’ll be fun. I have some ideas for costumes
that will cost you next to nothing to make. Trust me. You can do this. If you don’t have these items at home, look
in a second hand store. It’s amazing what you can come up with.

If you want a ghostly experience, use an old white sheet. Cut the holes for the eyes and mouth. Here comes the fun
part. Make eyelashes and use eye shadow around the eyes. Add some jewelry if you want. As an alternative, color in a
beard and/or mustache. Fly first class ghost. Woooooooooooooooooo!

Everybody loves a clown so why can’t you? You can love a clown. Here’s how. Find some too big comfortable clothes,
like sweats. If you are in the creative mood, you can tie die them. Or else, simply decorate with markers, or fabric
paint. Attach some pom poms and some face paint and a wig or wacky hair do. Find some mismatched shoes and socks
that are too big for you and you have a costume. How could you not love that?

Here’s a fun one. It’s the real thing. Be a can of pop. For health purposes, make that a can of caffeine free pop.
Find a barrel, or you can connect some sheets of tag board together (colored sheets, if you want). Make sure you
have cut outs for your arms and head. Paint the barrel or tag board to look a can of pop. Ahhh! Refreshing!

Another fun, or funny one. Got cling? Find something to wear that is preferably all white or all black. With safety
pins or tape, attach several items of laundry to your person. Also include a few sheets of fabric softener. Go one
step further and stand your hair up and spray it to stay that way. Been there, done that.

Can I be a mummy, mommy? Use white gauze bandages, or you can tear up white material into strips and wrap your
body. Not your face, though. If you prefer mold, put some green patches of paint on. Add white makeup on your face
and walk really stiff.

Aargh, matey. To make a wooden pirate’s leg, wrap one leg in brown felt, or something similar. Wear some jeans with
a striped shirt. Wrap a bandana around your head and put a patch on one eye. Carry your fake bottle of rum (I did
say fake), and you are now a certified pirate.Don’t forget to walk like you have a wooden leg. Aargh, matey, trick
or treat.

It’s not nice to fool mother nature. Glue some silk leaves on a vest and skirt. Add some flowers so that it looks
like they are growing out from the leaves. Make a circular crown with some twigs from your back yard and some wire.
Fill the crown in with some small flowers and leaves. If you want, you can make a trick or treat basket out of more
twigs and wire and add a bird.

Are you getting the idea now? It isn’t so bad, is it? These are just a few suggestions. I can hear those wheels a
turning now, so have fun and good luck. And stop crying now.

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