Hollywood’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

How many times have we looked through a magazine or watched stars on television and think to ourselves, “How do they do that?” Well, below are a few explanations to those common mysteries that we all seem to similarly question. Shining Mane Celebrities are known for their ultra-shiny locks and it’s often pondered exactly how they get that continuous shine, especially since their hair probably undergoes more styling than the average female’s. Well, in addition to shine spritzes and glosses, the latest trend is an in-salon treatment in which a glaze is applied to create a beautiful shine and lasts about a month.

Golden Glow Spray tans have come a long way since their debut, and Mystic tans are available at pretty much every local tanning salon these days. But even furthermore, celebrities are taking it even further by having their own personal spray tanners that use a special spray guns that mist very fine self-tanners while catering to their exact body types and desires. For example, body parts can be shaded in certain areas such as the thighs to make them appear thinner or the illusions of abdominal muscles can be created as well. The procedure is about 20 minutes and runs about $80 per session.

Super-Long Locks Ever heard the saying: “fake it ’till you make it?” Well, this is practiced by many of Hollywood’s leading ladies, although maybe not when it comes to their roles. With hair styles going in and out so quickly, hair extensions are more common than ever. And now, extensions are used to gain thickness just as much as length. Human hair is strategically placed with tiny little pinches throughout the head to create the most natural look possible, which can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending how much hair is being added.

Luscious Lashes The evolution of lash lengthening has reached new heights thanks to lash extensions, which are a favorite especially among Hollywood’s top models. And while two hours may seem like an awfully long time to get your eyelashes worked on, it does sound pretty enticing at the thought of not having to apply mascara for up to eight weeks. Plus, there’s no clumping or eyelash separating necessary, because each lash is individually applied and looks fabulous even when you’re sleeping, which is enough justification for the stars at $325 a pop.

With all these tricks of the trade, your next salon visit may be the perfect time to give one of these treatments a whirl. For the lash extensions and tanning applications ask your esthetician, as some may or may not offer these services (just ask for a referral if they don’t).

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