Sexy Halloween Costumes: Best Sites to Buy Adult Costumes Online

Is there really anything more exciting than Halloween? We’re given license to be as freaky, scary, sexy, or just plain weird as we want to be. Halloween costumes for adults run the gamut. Whether you’re itching to try out a naughty angel costume or really get down and dirty with a barely-there seductress outfit, you can totally get away with it at least this one night in the year.

I’m nearly thirty, but don’t think I’ll ever grow out of my love for dressing up on Halloween. Browsing a mall the other day, my friend spotted a “Bootique” and thought it would be fun to peek in. Thirty minutes later, dragging me out of the store, he was kicking himself and saying that he should have known better.

The hardest part about finding a great Halloween costume is that – especially as adults – we don’t want to look like anyone else on the block. If everyone on the block is shopping at the same store, though, all that you end up with are variations on the same theme. It’s hard to stand out and look amazing when your fairy costume is the same as Mary’s next door – except that you did your face up better.

So yet another of the many millions of reasons that I love the Internet. You can grab really cool costumes online that usually cost less than you’ll spend at a local shop and you’re pretty much guaranteed that with the selection you’ll end up with something no one else has.

Want to know the best sites for sexy Halloween costumes? Take the advice of this Halloween addict and check out the following websites. In no particular order, they’re truly the most amazing spots with costumes that will have you itching to wear them year-round.

Electrique Boutique –

Mrs. Claus never looked so good as you can wearing the costume available at the Electrique Boutique. We’re talking sexy and just a bit skimpy – but with 26 pages of costumes, if you can’t find something you like you might be better off sewing your own.

Some of the most unique Halloween costume ideas available here? How about being the Farmer’s Daughter, complete with pink cinched corset and shorter-than short skirt? There are also complete costumes to be a Sequin Sailor, an Amazon Girl, Little Red Riding Hood, and the world’s sexiest Flamenco Dancer. You can get the old stand-bys, too – Angels, Devils, Fairies, and School Girl costumes are here in a variety of styles.

Unlike a lot of online shopping, you really won’t end up paying more for these costumes than you do by going to a store. Shipping of most costumes – up to 6 items – is only about $7.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Dallas or Arlington, hit the Electrique Boutique locally. They’re located in Dallas at 4830 Greenville Avenue and 2152 West Northwest Highway. In Arlington, you can find them at the Lincoln Square Shopping Center.

Halloween at 3 Wishes –

Are you one of the adults that love Harry Potter just as much as the younger crowd? If so, you’ll really love the Wizard Wanda costume available here. All the guys will be lined up to enroll at Hogwarts’ School once they see you in the short pleated dress.

Seriously, this site is wonderful. Hitting the Halloween page is like entering a fantasy world where you can be anything you want to be – and a lot of things you’d never dreamed of being before. Use the navigation at the top of the page to select between categories like All American, Butterflies & Bees, Fairy Tales, Formal, and Plus Size costumes (just to name a few!). You can always just start with the default page you hit, which lets you scroll down through dozens of the most popular costumes.

What’s the most unique Halloween costume ideas at 3 Wishes? The Gothic Bride is to-die-for with a black lace veil, pearl necklace, fingerless lace gloves and both top and bottom to the sexy dress. In the Fairy Tale category is a really sexy – and unique – twist on the Wizard of Oz: A Tin Girl costume, complete with arm warmers and (what else?) a red heart pinned to the front of the metallic dress. In the same category is a Rag Doll costume which is too cool to describe. In the Plus Size category is a costume I’m dying for: Judge Julie, with a pink collar and an open back showing off pink undies with the word “GUILTY” printed across them.

Shipping on this site can’t be beat – you won’t even pay for the gas it takes to go to the store. Standard U.S. shipping (3-5 days) is FREE with no minimum order. Express shipping is available if you made an oops and forgot about the party tomorrow night.

Even better is that 3 Wishes actually has a return policy, which many costume shops (online or not) don’t have. You can return any unworn/unused costumes with tags attached for a full refund.

Wicked Temptations –

Unlike most online costume sites specializing in things sexy, this adult Halloween costume shop has the goods for both men and women. If you can talk your man into wearing a costume, you should definitely check out the Paramedic costume on this site. We’re talking a tight black latex-looking jumpsuit complete with mask and stethoscope … you might not want to head out for the trick or treating!

For the women, you can choose between categories like Sports, Pirates, Bridal, Kitten, and Mythical. Some of the most unique costumes on Wicked Temptations for women include a Geisha Girl outfit in the Period Costumes category, a too-sexy Miss Zorro costume in the Mythical category, and a really sexy Gangster Girl costume in the Plus Size category.

Wicked Temptations guarantees the lowest price on over 95% of their merchandise, so while you won’t get free shipping, you won’t really need it.

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